「Coconut Hong Kong Story」自助餐 / “Coconut Hong Kong Story” Buffet @ The Market – Hotel ICON

為貫徹主題,自助餐多款鹹甜美點均以甄沾記椰子產品入饌,炮製出只此一家的古早味道。萬勿錯過鬆脆可口的脆炸椰絲雞柳,以及香氣撲鼻的椰汁燴雜菜。鍾情暖胃湯品的賓客不妨試試泰式椰子南薑雞湯,或是以椰汁喇沙喚醒味蕾。Featuring an array of sweet and savory creations with a dash of coconut flavour, Hotel ICON brings Yan Chim Kee’s classic flavours to life with innovative recipes. Taking inspiration from the brand’s longstanding heritage and history, The Market at Hotel ICON lends itself to a retro vibe and allows guests to indulge in the ‘Coconut Hong Kong Story’.

堤岸酒吧及餐廳父親節美饌午宴及晚宴 / Father’s Day Lunch or Dinner Feast @Pierside Bar & Restaurant – Royal Pacific Hotel

以美酒佳餚向偉大的爸爸表達謝意!於迷人的維港景致作伴下,品嚐堤岸酒吧及餐廳無限供應主菜的午宴;讓歡聚更添奢華,與爸爸一起享用一頓和牛海鮮晚宴,以無窮鮮味俘虜味蕾。Father’s Day Lunch or Dinner Feast Honour your marvelous father with good food and wine. Treat him to a lunch feast with unlimited main course servings or a dinner featuring seafood and wagyu beef delicacies against the backdrop of Victoria Harbour.

GREEN 驚喜午市套餐 / Fabulous Father’s Day Set Lunch @ GREEN – Hotel ICON

Hearty main course selections range from a classic GREEN以時令食材入饌,並將於6月20及21日特別推出三道菜或四道菜的父親節午市套餐。多款美食選擇包括鵝肝拼盆及法式龍蝦湯,精選主菜如芝士漢堡包伴脆煙肉、西班牙火腿奄列、意式燴海鲜、香煎牛柳配蘑菇批 Cheeseburger with Bacon and a Spanish Omelette with Serrano Ham, to Italian Seafood Stew and a Pan Seared Beef Tenderloin with Potato Mille-feuille.

「天外天」父親節盛宴 / Divine Dinner with Dad @ Above & Beyond – Hotel ICON

外天中菜廳行政主廚黃子其師傅精心設計了父親節晚市套餐,包括五香安格斯脆腩片、酥香焗蟹蓋、蟲草花雲耳蒸斑件和鮑粒飄香荷葉飯等,為父親們送上獨一無二的粵式佳餚。articularly for Father’s Day, esteemed Chef Chi Ki Wong has created a unique and impeccably presented Cantonese dining experience.

生蠔海膽自助晚餐 / Oyster And Sea Urchin Feast Dinner Buffet @ Café On M – InterContinental Grand Stanford

令饗客熱切期待的海景咖啡廊自助晚餐即將隆重回歸,於6月5日至8月30日期間帶來雙重奢華滋味享受 - 以法國生蠔及加拿大赤海膽為重點,供應八款不同主題美食,每位客人更可額外獲得澳洲珍寶生蠔一隻。afé on M’s popular dinner buffet is back! Luxuriate in the perfect marriage between oysters and sea urchin at Café on M from 5 June to 30 August, featuring more than 8 extravagant food selections with oysters and Canadian red urchin. A jumbo Australian oyster will be served at the table for each guest as the highlight of the evening.

⽗親節半⾃助餐 / Father’s Day Semi Buffet @ [email protected] – Hotel Ease.Tsuen Wan

藉著⽗親節,是時候表揚爸爸,對他表達敬意與祝福。[email protected]於⽗親節當⽇及前夕誠意獻上⽗親 節半⾃助午/晚餐,並額外炮製多款矜貴惹味美饌,把滋味昇華,盡顯您頌⽗恩的⼼意。Father’s Day is coming soon! It is a perfect time to give thanks to your beloved dad for his love and contribution. Come and spoil your dad at [email protected] restaurant where scrumptious buffets are specially prepared for you and your father during 20-21 June, 2020.