夏日國際美食海鮮盛宴 / Summer International Gourmet Seafood Feast @ Café Circles – L’hotel Nina Et Convention Centre

今個夏日,到Café Circles享受優質海鮮帶來的「夏日國際美食海鮮盛宴」﹗一系列冰鎮海鮮包括加拿大長腳蟹、大蝦、藍青口、海螺及蜆,重點推介由豐富海鮮炮製而成的冬瓜盅,鮮甜消暑。Let’s beat the summer heat with “Summer International Gourmet Seafood Feast” at Café Circles! With a variety of premium seafood-on-ice including Canadian Snow Crab Leg, Prawn, Blue Mussel, Sea Whelk and Clam, your palate will be refreshed with a taste of the ocean!

65折起再加額外「買5送一」優惠 – 自助午餐及晚餐 / Up to 35% off + Buy 5 Get 1 Free for Lunch & Dinner [email protected] Café – Courtyard by Marriott (Sai Ying Pun)

酒店MoMo Café全日提供國際主題自助餐及單點菜肴。豐盛的國際海鮮自助晚餐,包括鱈場蟹腳、青口、海蝦等無限量供應的冰鎮海鮮,新鮮即開法國生蠔,免費無限暢飲生啤及精選果汁,以及多達18種口味的Movenpick雪糕任君選擇。With a beautiful backdrop of Victoria Harbour, Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong in Sai Ying Pun offers spectacular harbor view. Open for all-day dining, MoMo Café offers buffet-style international cuisine and à la carte dishes.

Yamm 悠然仲夏早午盛宴 / Summer Sunday Brunch @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

每2星期耀目登場的周日早午盛宴,讓您盡情品嚐頂級海鮮及洋溢地道風味的日本小食,包括即製手握海膽拖羅壽司、迷你龍蝦包,還有口味豐富的五彩玉子燒、紫菜海膽天婦羅及蒲燒鰻魚烤米棒!Twice a month this summer, in July and August, Yamm serves a special edition of its family brunch in Tsim Sha Tsui with an all-you-can-eat buffet of premium seafood and Japanese specials including made-to-order uni & tororo sushi, mini lobster bun, moreish tamagoyaki egg omelette skewers with various toppings, sea urchin tempura, and handy Japanese eel and rice skewers!

「花膠 • 龍蝦海鮮盛宴」自助晚餐 / “Lobster and Fish Maw” Seafood Dinner Buffet @ LIS Café – L’hotel Island South

LIS Café 饕客可先以鮮味滿溢的冰鎮海鮮 (加拿大長腳蟹、大蝦、藍青口、海螺及蜆) 及日式刺身和壽司清新味蕾,再以一系列誘人的龍蝦、花膠饗饌展開豐盛的美食之旅。Savour premium chilled seafood (Canadian Snow Crab Leg, Prawn, Blue Mussel, Sea Whelk & Clam) and assorted Japanese suhi and sashimi as a palate refresher.

灣景廳「和牛」「蠔」滋味自助晚餐 / “Summer Savour” Wagyu and Oyster Dinner Buffet @ Harbour Restaurant – The Harbourview

灣景國際灣景廳於7 – 8月期間呈獻「和牛」「蠔」滋味自助晚餐,搜羅來自各地軟滑飽滿的鮮蠔,及脂香豐腴的美國與澳洲和牛加以煮理,通過豐富多樣的風味,煥發出夏日所賦予的活力「滋」彩,加上美國生蠔、新西蘭生蠔及加拿大雪花蟹腳等冰鎮海鮮源源供應,為今個盛夏注入一襲透徹心扉的味覺衝擊。Made from oysters from around the world and the U.S. and Australian Wagyu Beef, the “Summer Savour” Wagyu and Oyster Dinner Buffet at Harbour Restaurant surely will end your day on a delicious note

潮嘆「蒲點美式餐廳」”When East Meets West”半自助晚餐 / “When East Meets West” Semi-Buffet [email protected] Champs Bar and Restaurant – The Charterhouse Causeway Bay

「蒲點美式餐廳」半自助晚餐提供了十二款, 原隻鮑魚撻(3隻)﹒馬拉盞炒蘿蔔糕,漢堡, 海南雞﹒香脆意大利飯, 香煎鱈魚﹒麻婆豆腐配伊麵 ,香辣虎蝦﹒焗海膽芝士通心粉, 香煎M5側腹橫肌和牛, When East Meets West, Semi-Buffet Dinner, Abalone Tart (3pcs) and Fried Carrot Cake with Belacan
-Champs Burger
-Home-made Hainanese Chicken with Crispy Risotto,Spicy & Hot Bean Curd and Cod Fish in E-fu Noodle,Baked Spicy Tiger Prawns with Sea Urchin Cheese Macaroni ,Pan-fried M5 Wagyu

Yamm「和」味「龍」情和牛龍蝦饗宴 / Lobster Loves Wagyu Dinner Buffet @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

Yamm自助晚宴源源不絕供應奢華味力,細味以海中之皇及滿佈雪花紋的和牛巧製之頂級饌嚐,讓壽司卷及炙燒味噌龍蝦尾伴薄切和牛西冷咖喱湯麵等惹人垂涎的滋味悸動味蕾!Yamm’s Chefs make your dreams come true serving a dinner buffet that’s fully devoted to the king of seafood and the most prized of marbled kinds of beef in creative dishes such as finger-licious sushi rolls and Roasted Lobster Tail with Miso Sauce and Wagyu Beef Slices in Curry Soup Noodles!

「Coconut Hong Kong Story」自助餐 / “Coconut Hong Kong Story” Buffet @ The Market – Hotel ICON

為貫徹主題,自助餐多款鹹甜美點均以甄沾記椰子產品入饌,炮製出只此一家的古早味道。萬勿錯過鬆脆可口的脆炸椰絲雞柳,以及香氣撲鼻的椰汁燴雜菜。鍾情暖胃湯品的賓客不妨試試泰式椰子南薑雞湯,或是以椰汁喇沙喚醒味蕾。Featuring an array of sweet and savory creations with a dash of coconut flavour, Hotel ICON brings Yan Chim Kee’s classic flavours to life with innovative recipes. Taking inspiration from the brand’s longstanding heritage and history, The Market at Hotel ICON lends itself to a retro vibe and allows guests to indulge in the ‘Coconut Hong Kong Story’.

堤岸酒吧及餐廳父親節美饌午宴及晚宴 / Father’s Day Lunch or Dinner Feast @Pierside Bar & Restaurant – Royal Pacific Hotel

以美酒佳餚向偉大的爸爸表達謝意!於迷人的維港景致作伴下,品嚐堤岸酒吧及餐廳無限供應主菜的午宴;讓歡聚更添奢華,與爸爸一起享用一頓和牛海鮮晚宴,以無窮鮮味俘虜味蕾。Father’s Day Lunch or Dinner Feast Honour your marvelous father with good food and wine. Treat him to a lunch feast with unlimited main course servings or a dinner featuring seafood and wagyu beef delicacies against the backdrop of Victoria Harbour.