鮑參翅肚燕窩豐味盡在Yamm / Sea Treasures Buffet @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

Yamm嶄新主題自助晚宴滋味登場,以矜貴鮑魚、花膠、瑤柱等深受歡迎的頂級海味巧製山珍海錯盛宴,更可無限尊享豐味甜點燕窩葡撻!The newest dinner buffet at Yamm is a chest of treasures from the sea featuring Asian comfort foods cooked with most sought-after traditional dried seafood from premium abalone to sea cucumber, fish maw, conpoy and more. Even for desserts, there are unlimited egg custard tarts with edible bird’s nest for everyone!

「如心 • 心繫香港系列」餐飲消費換取住宿/ Stay • Connected at L’[email protected] LIS Café – L’hotel Island South

如心南灣海景酒店於2020年推出嶄新餐飲及住宿體驗概念「如心 • 心繫香港系列」,讓賓客享受因美食滿足感延續至住宿的愜意感,以全面照顧客人需要的服務。In continuation to strive for thoughtful and excellent services to guests, L’hotel Group proudly reveals “Stay •  Connected at L’hotel” package!

「泰」滋味 任點任食假日早午餐/Amazing Thai All-You-Can-Eat Holiday Brunch @ LIS Café – L’hotel Island South

精選地道推介如鮮蝦柚子沙律、泰式燒豬頸肉、黃咖哩軟穀蟹、椰汁芒果糯米飯、及泰式奶茶特飲,是您必吃之選!Abundant selections including Shrimps and Pomelo Salad, Thai Shrimps Cake, Roasted Pork Neck with Thai Dressing ,Deep-fried Soft–shell Crab in Yellow Curry, Mango and Sticky Rice with Coconut Cream and Thai Milk Tea are assured to satisfy your exotic crave.

Yamm戀戀和風海鮮盛宴/ Valentine’s Day Buffet @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

新鮮曰本刺身﹝吞拿魚, 鱆紅魚, 油甘魚, 北寄貝, 帶子, 三文魚, 八爪魚﹞即製精選手握壽司即製香葱海膽吞拿魚蓉紫菜壽司火焰醬油穴子串脆炸墨魚汁廣島生蠔
Fresh Carving Sashimi (Tuna, Kanpachi, Amberjack, Hokkigai, Scallop, Salmon, Octopus)Omakase Nigiri Sushi Sea Urchin and Minced Fatty Tuna Sushi Rice with Spring Onion on SeaweedFlamed Fresh Eel Skewer with Ginger and Soya Gravy (Yakitori)

濃情愛意 浪漫慶祝 / Valentine’s Day Specials @ InterContinental Grand Stanford

Theo Mistral by Theo Randall呈獻意式情人節五道菜晚餐,讓顧客與摯愛慶祝浪漫時刻。備受歡迎的自家製海鮮芝士雲吞伴蕃茄橄欖醬及香草為必試之選,雲吞中釀入3款矜貴海鮮包括龍蝦、蟹肉及大蝦,伴以軟芝士、番茄及橄欖醬等。主菜可於香烤龍脷魚柳配炒薯及香烤美國牛柳扒配燒雜菜當中二選其一,精湛的廚藝加上新鮮的食材令人回味無窮。Theo Mistral by Theo Randall sets the romantic ambience with tantalizing five-course dinner menu. Nothing can beat the restaurant’s signature homemade raviolone pasta filled with lobster, crab and king prawn, featuring pasta filled with three succulent seafood with ricotta cheese in a well-made tomato sauce with olive tapenade. Pick from pan-roasted U.S. beef tenderloin served with roasted vegetables or pan-roasted dover sole served with sautéed potatoes as main that will surprise palate with its tenderness, freshness and delicate flavour. 

法式餐廳品嘗別緻時尚的情人節晚餐/Celebrate Love (avec amour) @ Prompt Bistro – Le Méridien Cyberport

二月十四日,每對情侶可以港幣988元品嘗五道法國美饌,包括醃製三文魚薄片配迷你鬆餅及刁草忌廉汁、豪華海鮮拼盤、海鮮濃湯,以及任選一款肉類、魚類或素菜作主菜,白朱古力紅桑子慕絲。 Valentine Day’s Set Menu for Feb, 14th. Five courses at HK$988 per couple to share French delicacies such as Marinated Salmon & Blinis, Seafood platter, a Traditional South of France seafood “Bouillabaisse” soup,  and one main course to choose from a meat, a fish, or a vegetable option. Sweet White Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse heart shape.

「絲絲甜意」、「浪漫登場」情人節套餐 / Celebrate Love and Harmony This Valentine’s Day @ Kitchen Savvy – Hotel Stage

晚餐菜式有鮮味的骨髓、烤牡蠣、龍蝦果凍拼盤和威靈頓牛排,還有令人難以抗拒的自助甜點。首10對預訂的情侶,可獲得15%的獨家折扣優惠。Pamper the palate with wines and shareable dishes such as decadent Baked Oyster, Bone Marrow, and Lobster Jelly Platter, Beef Wellington, and a very sweet Dessert Buffet bound to win over any heart. Be among the first 10 couples to book and receive an exclusive 15% discount.

新鮮牡蠣自助餐/ Oyster Mania Promotion @ Tiffin – Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

在寒冷季節,Chef Andre 每晚準備不同產地的新鮮牡蠣, 只用一點檸檬就能帶出不同風味,也很適合攪拌奶油濃湯,或以烤焗風格烹調,以滿足每位牡蠣愛好者。During a cold season, Chef Andre prepared a difference origin fresh oyster daily. The briny bivalves are spectacular served raw with just a squeeze of lemon, they are also great for stirring into creamy chowder, baked dishes like Rockefeller or Kilpatrick style which brings every oyster lover a smile in their face.

最「蠔」海鮮任點任食晚餐 / Oyster Extravaganza All-You-Can-Eat Dinner @ LIS Café – L’hotel Island South

不得不嘗主廚推介的特色滋味蠔饌,包括特色焗蠔、即製香煎蠔餅、蠔仔粥、薑蔥美國蠔煲及砵酒焗蠔等;自助餐更有多款凍鎮海鮮、日式刺身、多國精選熱葷、即煮麵檔、印度美食及精緻甜品。Spoil yourself with a sumptuous array of oyster and seafood delicacies at LIS Café! Highlights include Assorted Baked Oysters, Pan-fried Oyster Cake, Oyster Congee, Braised Oyster in Port Wine and Sautéed Oyster with Ginger and Scallion in Clay Pot are not to be missed! Abundant choices of chilled seafood, sushi & sashimi, international hot dishes, instant noodles cooking counter, Indian curry and delicate desserts are also ready to tease your palate.

Yamm生蠔鮮蟹味力盛宴 / Oyster and Crab Buffet @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

Oyster & Crab Buffet Highlights:
Freshly Shucked Oysters
Freshly Steamed Boston Lobsters on Ice
Steamed Brown Crab and Snow Crab Legs on Ice
Baked Sakura Shrimp and Rice Ball with Crab Roe
Crab Porridge with Conpoy and Bean-curd Sheet
Wok-fried Crab with Black Pepper, Onion and Butter
Steamed Crab with Udon, Garlic and Oyster Sauce
Freshly Shucked Oysters with Tomato, Lettuce and Thai Chili Dressing Shooters
Pan-fried Oyster Cake with Egg and XO Sauce
Hiroshima Oyster Motoyaki: Baked Hiroshima Oyster with Garlic & Spring Onion / Celery & Garlic Soya Gravy / Basil Potato Puree

東瀛風味添滋味 / A Feast of Japanese Delights @ Bistro on the Mile – Holiday Inn Golden Mile

由1月1日起至2月29日推出東瀛風味自助晚餐,將為你掀起一陣陣的和式風味熱潮。置身於寬敞的Bistro on the Mile內,超過四十多款的日式美食將會為你源源不絕地奉上。除了不可缺少的新鮮魚生刺身如肥美的三文魚、吞拿魚、鯛魚、甜蝦、仿鮑片、帶子外,還有炸珍寶蝦天婦羅、炸蠔及特色火炙壽司如和牛、吞拿魚和帶子,豐富的日式沙律如雞泡魚亁海藻沙律、蟹肉沙律和八爪魚沙律等款款極具東瀛風味的小吃。Guests can relish a scrumptious variety of their favourite Japanese dishes such as:  crab meat and cucumber salad, jumbo prawn tempura, deep fried sirloin, sashimi, sushi,Japanese savory pancake, oden,fried rice with eel, yakitori chicken with ginger garlic, Japanese egg custard with snow crab meat, Japanese curry Beefand grilled salted mackerel.

聖誕新年美食推介2019 / Christmas Treats with Culinary Temptations 2019 @ Regal Hong Kong

聖誕節的來臨代表是時候相約家人、摯友及同事一同慶祝,分享快樂氣氛。富豪香港酒店精心為客人奉上豐富的美酒佳餚、聖誕佳音及多個精采節目,保證令各位目不暇給。除夕夜的倒數派對除了備有美食及醉人香檳外,更設有現場音樂及舞池。聖誕新年節目精采豐富,為客人留下溫馨、難忘的聖誕回憶,並迎接新的一年。Santa Claus is coming to town! It is time to celebrate this festival with your loved ones and be together with your family.  Enjoy a wide range of activities, good wine, sumptuous feasts, angelic carols, and lots of others. Countdown party on the New Year’s Eve allows guests dance to the New Year with excellent food, champagne and live music to welcome 2020.  Celebration at Regal Hongkong Hotel makes this Christmas and New Year a joyful one.