灣景廳「和牛」「蠔」滋味自助晚餐 / “A Flavourful Twist” Wagyu and Oyster Dinner Buffet @ Harbour Restaurant – The Harbourview

灣景國際灣景廳於7 – 10月期間呈獻「和牛」「蠔」滋味自助晚餐,搜羅來自各地軟滑飽滿的鮮蠔,及脂香豐腴的美國與澳洲和牛加以煮理,通過豐富多樣的風味,煥發出夏日所賦予的活力「滋」彩,加上美國生蠔、新西蘭生蠔及加拿大雪花蟹腳等冰鎮海鮮源源供應,為今個盛夏注入一襲透徹心扉的味覺衝擊。Made from oysters from around the world and the U.S. and Australian Wagyu Beef, the “Summer Savour” Wagyu and Oyster Dinner Buffet at Harbour Restaurant surely will end your day on a delicious note

「唯港薈 x 維記牛奶」自助餐 / ‘Hotel ICON x Kowloon Dairy’ Buffet @ The Market – Hotel ICON

The Market廚師團隊從維記牛奶旗下多款牛奶產品汲取靈感,傾力創作一系列融入經典醇厚鮮味的鹹甜美點。

Taking inspiration from the local family favourites, chefs at The Market have created a satisfying menu featuring Kowloon Dairy’s wide range of dairy products.

Emphasising the creamy freshness of 100% Fresh Milk, the Seafood and Sweet Corn Chowder with Cracker is a hearty choice to kick off the journey. Taste a spoonful of Stir-Fried Fresh Milk with Crab Meat and Toasted Pine Seeds, a delicate dish with a milky cloud texture combined with tender fresh crab meat and buttery pine nuts.

「Coconut Hong Kong Story」自助餐 / “Coconut Hong Kong Story” Buffet @ The Market – Hotel ICON

為貫徹主題,自助餐多款鹹甜美點均以甄沾記椰子產品入饌,炮製出只此一家的古早味道。萬勿錯過鬆脆可口的脆炸椰絲雞柳,以及香氣撲鼻的椰汁燴雜菜。鍾情暖胃湯品的賓客不妨試試泰式椰子南薑雞湯,或是以椰汁喇沙喚醒味蕾。Featuring an array of sweet and savory creations with a dash of coconut flavour, Hotel ICON brings Yan Chim Kee’s classic flavours to life with innovative recipes. Taking inspiration from the brand’s longstanding heritage and history, The Market at Hotel ICON lends itself to a retro vibe and allows guests to indulge in the ‘Coconut Hong Kong Story’.

「日本美食節」 / Taste of Nippon @ Bistro on the Mile – Holiday Inn Golden Mile

Bistro on the Mile 為您帶來了大量的日本料理的經典之作。享用新鮮生魚片,香脆天婦羅,熱騰騰的壽喜燒,香噴噴禦好燒,傳統炸豬排拉麵等等!讓大家品嚐仿如置身日本一樣的自助午餐 Bistro on the Mile is bringing you a huge selection of Japanese classics. Feast on ocean-fresh sashimi, crispy tempura, piping-hot sukiyaki, sizzling okonomiyaki, traditional tonkatsu ramen and so much more

「環球海鮮自助晚餐」 / International Seafood Extravaganza @ Bistro on the Mile – Holiday Inn Golden Mile

由5月8日至6月30日誠意呈獻「環球海鮮自助晚餐」,選用來自不同產地的海鮮,運用不同的烹調技巧,為大家帶來一頓豐富的海鮮盛宴,必定能滿足各海鮮愛好者的胃口Holiday Inn Golden Mile’s Bistro on the Mile is proud to present “International Seafood Extravaganza” Dinner Buffet from 8th May to 31st Jun, 2020, bringing together mouth-watering cuisines around the world along with the freshest ingredients from the ocean to satisfy your seafood cravings

「母親節豐盛自助早午餐」 / “Bountiful Brunch” @ The Market – Hotel ICON

海南雞飯、 星洲喇沙、精選凍海鮮、法式煎鴨肝、正宗印度美食、日式壽司刺身、明火炭燒羊扒和肉眼牛扒等招牌美食,榴槤芝士蛋糕、自家製榴槤雪糕和綠茶意式奶凍,奇亞籽芒果金絲燕窩布甸和草莓金絲燕窩忌廉 Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa Lemak, and Pan-fried Duck Liver with Chocolate Balsamic Glaze, along with an authentic Indian Corner, a jet-fresh sushi and sashimi bar, meat carving station, Durian Cheesecake, Homemade Durian Ice Cream and Green Tea Panna Cotta, Mango Chia Seed Pudding with Golden Bird’s Nests and Golden Bird’s Nests with Strawberry Lychee Cream

「花醉情迷」情人節自助晚餐/Let love flourish at the Valentine’s Day Dinner @ Harbour Restaurant – The Harbourview

今個情人節,愛的空氣將瀰漫於灣景廳「花醉情迷」情人節餐飲體驗中,從馥郁的美饌為您傳情達意,讓您與愛侶陶醉於幸福的時光。Surrender your senses to seductive dishes such as Fresh Abalone Teppanyaki (one serving per patron), U.S. Oysters and Edible Crabs on ice, and Slow-roasted U.S. Beef Prime Rib in addition to the Iberico Pork and Scallop delicacies highlighted with a floral touch. A box with a preserved flower will be given to you and your loved one (one flower box is worth $200; a max. of 3 boxes per table).

情人節甜蜜醉人禮遇/Celebrate Love In Exceptional Style @ The Market-Hotel ICON

這個情人節,榮獲評選為「2019年中國最浪漫酒店」的唯港薈將為愛侶們送上與別不同的一系列美酒佳餚,為愛侶們締造難忘的美好回憶。Love abounds at Hotel ICON this Valentine’s Day with sublime dining overlooking the glittering city lights. Voted The Most Romantic Hotel in China 2019, there’s nowhere more perfect to celebrate amour than this breathtakingly beautiful oasis in the centre of the city.