海鮮晚市套餐 / Seafood Set Dinner @ Above & Beyond – Hotel ICON

細味天外天中菜廳匠心呈獻的海鮮晚市套餐。由廚師團隊精心創作的晚市套餐選用時令食材入饌,銳意為各位海鮮愛好者帶來一趟鮮味滿載的美食盛宴。Savour an expertly crafted seafood set dinner by the talented culinary team at Above & Beyond. Sourcing only the finest ingredients of the season, the new seafood set dinner promises to satisfy the cravings of all seafood lovers.

天外天至尊蟹宴 / Crabs Specials @ Above & Beyond – Hotel ICON

天外天以當造螃蟹入饌,多款菜式融合經典粵菜精髓及現代元素。龍湯芙蓉長腳蟹的嫩滑蛋白,滲透著淡淡龍蝦香氣,盡顯長腳蟹肉鮮甜。A successful combination of traditional Cantonese cuisine with modern flair, each limited-time dish features crab at the forefront.

季節推薦 / Seasonal Recommendation @ Nam Fong – Le Méridien Cyberport

鮮沙薑撈鮮南非鮑魚 有機松本茸及日本虎皮椒炒星斑球 酸菜星斑片配日本稻庭麵 海鮮湯波士頓龍蝦配脆米粉 Marinated South African Abalone with Sand Ginger Sautéed Garoupa Fillet with Organic Pine Mushroom and Japanese Pepper Poached Sliced Garoupa with Pickled Cabbage and Japanese Inaniwa Braised Boston Lobster in Seafood Soup with Pan-fried Rice Vermicelli

黃師傅秋季精選菜式 / Chef Wong’s Autumn Special @ Above & Beyond – Hotel ICON

秋高送爽,天外天行政總廚黃子其師傅以多款時令食材為靈感,炮製一系列秋季精選菜式,讓大家一嚐秋收的絕佳滋味。Autumn is the best time of the year to enjoy home-style comforts and hearty flavours thanks to the season’s bountiful harvest. At Above & Beyond, Executive Chef Chi Ki Wong cooks up a selection of delectable and cosy dishes with the finest seasonal crops and catches.

時令夏季菜譜 / Seasonal Summer Menu @Sha Tin 18 – Hyatt Regency Sha Tin

沙田18主廚何振雄師傅悉心挑選時令食材,配合傳統家庭式烹調手法及自製醬料,炮製一系列地道廣東佳餚,呈獻全新夏季菜譜。不能錯過的還有賴耀輝師傅獨家研發的創意甜品。Chef Ho Chun Hung, Chinese Chef de Cuisine at Sha Tin 18, ingeniously uses seasonal hand-picked ingredients to create an array of appetising specialties, specifically designed for summer. Also not to be missed are Chef Kelvin Lai’s creative desserts.

華麗「蟹」逅 / Hairy Crab Indulgence – Loong Yuen @ Holiday Inn Golden Mile

多款鮮美的菜式包括:招牌推介紫蘇葉蒸原隻鮮大閘蟹及蟹粉蟹肉高湯燴燕窩等, 款款觸動味覺享受! Hokkaido hairy crab menu including his signature Steamed Whole Hairy Crab in Perilla Leaf, Deep-fried Hairy Crab with Salted Egg Yolks and more. Book your table to day to savour this traditional Chinese delicacy.

“鮑”羅萬有 / South African Abalone Indulgence – Loong Yuen @ Holiday Inn Golden Mile

龍苑中菜廳總廚張偉彬師傅以鮑魚、海参及花膠等等山珍海味為靈感,悉心創作一系列佳餚美饌,讓大家大飽口福。Known as “the symbol of prosperity”, dried seafood is highly prized in Chinese cuisine. Chef Bun has meticulously prepared an exquisite dinner menu featuring braised South African abalones, sea cucumber and goose web.

龍苑中菜廳「夏日至尊•養生冬瓜」 / Winter Melon Masterclass – Loong Yuen @ Holiday Inn Golden Mile

龍苑中菜廳以多種時令食材,融合營養價值豐富的冬瓜,製作出精緻鮮味的夏日冬瓜系列:海鮮冬瓜盅、黑松露冬瓜炒蝦球與上湯瑤柱魚肚浸冬瓜等佳餚!絕對不能錯過!Using the finest seafood and double-boiled to perfection, don’t miss our refreshing winter melon soup and other delicacies such as: Sautéed Prawns and Winter Melon with Black Truffles, Poached Fish Maw and Conpoy with Winter Melon in Chicken Stock and many more! Book your table today!

「天外天」父親節盛宴 / Divine Dinner with Dad @ Above & Beyond – Hotel ICON

外天中菜廳行政主廚黃子其師傅精心設計了父親節晚市套餐,包括五香安格斯脆腩片、酥香焗蟹蓋、蟲草花雲耳蒸斑件和鮑粒飄香荷葉飯等,為父親們送上獨一無二的粵式佳餚。articularly for Father’s Day, esteemed Chef Chi Ki Wong has created a unique and impeccably presented Cantonese dining experience.

「飛『粵』夢『功』場」晚餐美饌盛會 / “Fantasy of Kung Fu Culinary Arts” all-you-can-eat dinner @ Centre Street Kitchen – Island Pacific Hotel

港島太平洋酒店餐廳將於2020年5月8日至2020年5月31日期間,推出「飛『粵』夢『功』場」美饌晚餐盛會,為饗客獻上精挑細選且工序繁複的傳統功夫菜,其中包括一品富貴鴨、古法煎釀鯪魚、蜜味金錢雞、懷舊春花卷、百花釀金錢、豉汁蟠龍鱔(逢星期五至日限量供應)、荔蓉鮑魚酥(每位乙客).From 8 to 31 May 2020, Centre Street Kitchen is featuring “Fantasy of Kung Fu Culinary Arts” all-you-can-eat dinner, showcasing the exquisite traditional cooking technique. Indulge in dishes such as Baked Stuffed Duck, Traditional Pan-fried Stuffed Dace Fish, Baked Chicken Liver and Pork Rolls with Honey Sauce, Deep Fried Bean Curd Roll with Pork, Steamed Mushroom Stuffed with Minced Shrimp, Steamed Eel with Black Bean Sauce