GREEN 驚喜午市套餐 / Fabulous Father’s Day Set Lunch @ GREEN – Hotel ICON

Hearty main course selections range from a classic GREEN以時令食材入饌,並將於6月20及21日特別推出三道菜或四道菜的父親節午市套餐。多款美食選擇包括鵝肝拼盆及法式龍蝦湯,精選主菜如芝士漢堡包伴脆煙肉、西班牙火腿奄列、意式燴海鲜、香煎牛柳配蘑菇批 Cheeseburger with Bacon and a Spanish Omelette with Serrano Ham, to Italian Seafood Stew and a Pan Seared Beef Tenderloin with Potato Mille-feuille.

「母親節驚喜午市套餐 」 / “Delightful Festive Set Lunch” @ GREEN – Hotel ICON

GREEN餐廳提供多款美食選擇,包括各國 優質海鮮、意式凍肉拼盆、蟹肉濃湯伴黑松露脆多士、精選主菜如芝士漢堡包伴脆煙肉、西班牙 辣肉腸紅椒奄列、清蒸鱈魚柳配香濃海鮮汁和炭烤牛柳配朱古力黑椒醬及一系列精緻節日限定燕 窩甜品。Main course selections range from a classic Cheeseburger with Bacon and a Chorizo Omelette, to Steamed Cod Fillet with Shellfish Sauce and a Grilled Beef Fillet with Chocolate Peppercorn Sauce. As a grand finale, diners may enjoy a selection of Lo Hong Ka Bird’s Nest Desserts.

品嚐期間限定精選漢堡 / Pompous Burgers @ Grand Hyatt Steakhouse – Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Grand Hyatt Steakhouse的主廚Fernando Gojan首次將兩款精選漢堡帶到香港,於1-2月期間為您呈獻滋味驚喜,包括:
「Pompous Burger」 – 和牛黑松露醬鵝肝漢堡-「American Dream」 – 和牛龍蝦漢堡 漢堡扒採用來自澳洲的和牛製成,口味更佳之餘,肉汁亦非常豐富。For the first time at Grand Hyatt Steakhouse, Chef de Cuisine Fernando Gojan is proud to bring some of the most outrageous pompous burgers to Hong Kong for two months only, including:

Pompous Burger – Wagyu beef patty with truffle sauce, foie gras, aged Comté and truffle bun
American Dream – Wagyu beef patty with butter poached lobsterOur beef patty is made with a combination of Australian wagyu brisket, short rib and chuck, to create the perfect flavour and juiciness for you.

Ruby’s聖誕限定美饌 / Christmas is just around the corner! @ Ruby Tuesday

為迎接聖誕佳節,Ruby Tuesday 已預備了不一樣的聖誕特色美食,讓您與家人及朋友共度聖誕歡樂時光,同時品嚐節日限定美饌。特色美食包括法式海鮮濃湯、Ruby’s Impossible™ 聖誕漢堡、火雞鎚、紅絲絨蛋糕以及多款飲品。額外聖誕禮遇即將推出,敬請期待!There’s nothing better than spending the holidays at Ruby Tuesday’s! This year, bring your friends, bring the Entire Family, BRING EVERYONE to Ruby’s for a great value – Fabulous Festive Feast that will fill your stomachs, and fill your hearts with festive cheer.

萬聖節盛宴 / Trick or Treat- Halloween Menu @ Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday為大家預備了一個萬聖節盛宴.整個10月份,各式各樣美食包括惹味南瓜湯、木乃伊炸蝦、燒排骨美味腸、Impossible™蕃茄漢堡、南瓜芝士蛋糕以及多款飲品,款款都吸引,呢個10月等你來喧嘩一番。Throughout the whole month of October, you can join us for a Spooktacular Halloween Feast that includes a combination of Pumpkin Soup, Yummy Shrimp Mummies, Pigman Ribs & Guts, Bloodless Impossible™ Burger, Pumpkin Cheesecake and special drinks for your selection.

Impossible Burger @ GREEN – Hotel ICON

唯港薈將成為全港首家酒店與美國植物製肉開發商 Impossible Foods合作,引入The Impossible®漢堡,即日起在大堂餐廳GREEN供應。
Hotel ICON partners the Impossible Foods as the first hotel outside its home market of U.S. to launch the Impossible Burger.

Rugby 7’s Specials @ Le Méridien Cyberport

由即日起至四月九日晚上十時至十二時, PSI 酒吧推出令人難以抗拒的漢堡包系列。
From now till 9Apr at 10pm to 12am, PSI BAR introduces gourmet burgers specially for this Rugby week.