RubyTuesday 極致美味的斧頭扒 / Your Ultimate Cowboy Steak @ Ruby Tuesday

RubyTuesday 極致美味的斧頭扒,選用牛肋骨肉眼第六至十二支部位,肉味濃郁嫩滑美味,巨型帶骨的斧頭牛扒,經 Ruby’s 秘制調味,將烤至你喜歡的熟度、配上黑椒汁、車厘茄、炸薯仔、蘆筍、紅蘿蔔及蕃茜碎,肉食愛好者不能錯過。
Our Cowboy Steak is a Bone-in Prime Ribeye large enough for a big appetite or for two to share. Cut from between the 6th and 12th rib of the Beef Cow, we lovingly massage our signature Seasoning into the Tender Steak, before grilling it to the level of doneness that you require. Served with peppery Peppercorn Sauce and a side of lightly Grilled Tomatoes, Fried Potatoes, Simmered Asparagus and Carrots finished in a skillet and garnished with a pinch of Parsley; this is the perfect sizzling, simmering platter for you to start the New Year with!

Ruby’s聖誕限定美饌 / Christmas is just around the corner! @ Ruby Tuesday

為迎接聖誕佳節,Ruby Tuesday 已預備了不一樣的聖誕特色美食,讓您與家人及朋友共度聖誕歡樂時光,同時品嚐節日限定美饌。特色美食包括法式海鮮濃湯、Ruby’s Impossible™ 聖誕漢堡、火雞鎚、紅絲絨蛋糕以及多款飲品。額外聖誕禮遇即將推出,敬請期待!There’s nothing better than spending the holidays at Ruby Tuesday’s! This year, bring your friends, bring the Entire Family, BRING EVERYONE to Ruby’s for a great value – Fabulous Festive Feast that will fill your stomachs, and fill your hearts with festive cheer.