「鮑魚.海參.花膠」 自助晚餐 / “Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw” Dinner Buffet @ Harbour Restaurant – The Harbourview

灣景國際灣景廳於11 – 1月期間呈獻「鮑魚.海參.花膠」自助晚餐,採用優質的鮑魚、海參及花膠為主食材,以傳統烹調方法加入新派元素,演繹出一系列珍饈美饌,加上加拿大雪花蟹腳和新西蘭生蠔等海鮮源源不絕供應,造就一場體面潤燥的秋冬饗宴。To celebrate the golden season, our Executive Chef has specially picked the most exclusive Chinese ingredients − Abalone, Sea Cucumber, and Fish Maw − to craft exquisite and nourishing delicacies that delight your eyes and appetite. Further enriched with ample choices of briny seafood, fresh sashimi, succulent carving and colourful desserts, our lavish fall/winter buffet will be the ultimate indulgence for your palate.

「飛『粵』夢『功』場」自助晚餐 / “Fantasy of Kung Fu Culinary Arts” Dinner Buffet @ Centre Street Kitchen – Island Pacific Hotel

港島太平洋酒店餐廳將於2019年11月1日至2020年1月31日期間,推出「飛『粵』夢『功』場」自助晚餐,為饗客獻上精挑細選且工序繁複的傳統功夫菜,其中包括一品富貴鴨、古法煎釀鯪魚、蜜味金錢雞、懷舊春花卷、百花釀金錢、豉汁蟠龍鱔(逢星期五至日限量供應)、荔蓉鮑魚酥(每位乙客)等等。另供應多款賞心悅目的甜品,例如大良山渣炸脆奶、洛神花荔枝布甸、花旗參豆腐芝士餅、陳皮蛋撻、瑤柱冬菇慕絲蛋糕等,還有冰鎮海鮮及任食Häagen-Dazs雪糕,讓人捧腹而回!From 1 November 2019 to 31 January 2020, Centre Street Kitchen is featuring “Fantasy of Kung Fu Culinary Arts” dinner buffet, showcasing the exquisite traditional cooking technique. Indulge in dishes such as Baked Stuffed Duck, Traditional Pan-fried Stuffed Dace Fish, Baked Chicken Liver and Pork Rolls with Honey Sauce, Deep Fried Bean Curd Roll with Pork, Steamed Mushroom Stuffed with Minced Shrimp, Steamed Eel with Black Bean Sauce (available from Friday to Sunday), Baked Abalone Puff with Taro Crust (a complimentary serve for each guest) and also a selection of eye-catching desserts including Hawthorn Milk Fritters, Lychee Pudding with Hibiscus, Ginseng Tofu Cheesecake, Dried Tangerine Peel Egg Tart, Dried Scallop & Mushroom Mousse Cake and Häagen-Dazs ice-cream to round off a wonderful meal.

大閘蟹美饌 / Hairy Crab Delicacies @ Hoi King Heen – InterContinental Grand Stanford

由10月21日至12月31日期間,酒店行政中菜總廚梁輝雄師傅將從江蘇寶應湖帶來享負盛名的大閘蟹,於海景軒隆重呈獻八款時令美饌,匯聚大閘蟹之精髓,為食客打造令人難忘的蟹味驚喜。From October 21 until December 31, Hoi King Heen will be serving up some of the seasons’ finest hairy crabs. Award-winning master chef Leung Fai Hung will present hairy crabs in eight different styles with crabs sourced from the Jiangsu Baoying Lake

健康下午茶 / Guiltless Afternoon Tea @ The Lounge – Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel

糕餅廚師團隊為著重健康飲食的您,精心設計以營養食材入饌的下午茶,優雅的下午茶層架上陳列著煙鮭魚慕絲藜麥堅果餡餅、烤燕麥乾果蛋餅、奇亞籽果醬火雞肉三文治等健康美點,讓您盡情無憂地享受下午茶的樂趣。Calling all health-conscious sweet tooth! Free up a few hours and indulge yourself in a selection of delectable wholesome delights such as Nut Crust Smoked Salmon Mousse Quinoa Tart,Baked Oatmeal with Dried Fruit Frittataand Chia Seed Jam Turkey Sandwich!

日韓風味 / Pop Kitchen From The East @ SkyCity Bistro – Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel

令人垂涎的正宗美食如即炸的天婦羅和熱騰騰的燴牛肋骨砂鍋每天於自助晚餐時段輪流登場,定必令您的味蕾躍動。 a popular Japanese-Korean food scene at SkyCity Bistro’s dinner buffet session. An enticing array of authentic cuisine such as the freshly-fried Tempura and the sizzling hot Braised Beef Short Rib Casserole will surely please your palate.

味遊德國 / German Feast @ Velocity Bar & Grill – Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel

一杯冰涼的啤酒加上德國香腸拼盤配薯仔或脆皮德國豬手配酸菜,是最佳的晚餐選擇。最後以誘人的黑森林芭菲配櫻桃酒雲呢拿醬作結,帶來甜美完滿的一夜。German Sausage Platter with Potatoes, Pork Knuckle with Sauerkraut and the signature dessert of Chilled Black Forest Parfait with Kirsch Vanilla Sauce to celebrate this beer season.

海鮮饗宴自助晚餐 / Seafood Feast Dinner Buffet @ Kudos – Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Causeway Bay


多達十款前菜及熱盤輪流供應,包括辣酒煮翡翠螺、焗香草包糠龍脷柳及黃金軟殼蟹等。除了冰鎮海鮮,深受客人歡迎的「阿根廷七吋紅蝦」刺身繼續無限量供應。於星期五、六及公眾假期更會升級供應帶子、鮑魚刺身及即開生蠔,確保客人嚐到啖啖滋味!Kudos newly presents Seafood Feast Dinner Buffet starting from now features an array of refreshing and premium seafood, bringing you a journey with scrumptious seafood.