“鮑”羅萬有 / South African Abalone Indulgence – Loong Yuen @ Holiday Inn Golden Mile

龍苑中菜廳總廚張偉彬師傅以鮑魚、海参及花膠等等山珍海味為靈感,悉心創作一系列佳餚美饌,讓大家大飽口福。Known as “the symbol of prosperity”, dried seafood is highly prized in Chinese cuisine. Chef Bun has meticulously prepared an exquisite dinner menu featuring braised South African abalones, sea cucumber and goose web.

悠然下午茶 / ‘RELAX · RECHARGE’ AFTERNOON TEA @ Café on the PARK – Royal Pacific Hotel

皇家太平洋酒店柏景餐廳推出的悠然下午茶, 由即日起至8月31日,美食包括牛油鬆餅配自家香橙醬及忌廉,香草青瓜忌廉芝士麥包、脆炸澳洲帶子魷魚春卷、甜辣汁*等。Cafe on the Park at Royal Pacific Hotel , launching the enchanting ‘RELAX · RECHARGE’ AFTERNOON TEA from now until end of August. Menu highlights: Butter scone, Orange Preserve, Clotted Cream, Australian Chiko Scallops and Squids Roll, Sweet Chilli Sauce,​Mini Chicken Parmigiana Burger​ etc.

Häagen-Dazs™ x Champagne Louis Roederer下午茶 / Häagen-Dazs™ x Champagne Louis Roederer Afternoon Tea @ GREEN – Hotel ICON

唯港薈大堂餐廳GREEN將首度聯同 Häagen-Dazs™及奢華香檳品牌Champagne Louis Roederer攜手呈獻Häagen-Dazs™ x Champagne Louis Roederer下午茶,餐單由Hotel ICON糕餅行政總廚何偉誠師傅(Danny Ho)獨創Joining hands for the very first time with lavish champagne brand Champagne Louis Roederer and Häagen-Dazs™, Hotel ICON’s oasis café – GREEN proudly offers a one-of-a-kind opulent afternoon tea set

「唯港薈 x 維記牛奶」自助餐 / ‘Hotel ICON x Kowloon Dairy’ Buffet @ The Market – Hotel ICON

The Market廚師團隊從維記牛奶旗下多款牛奶產品汲取靈感,傾力創作一系列融入經典醇厚鮮味的鹹甜美點。

Taking inspiration from the local family favourites, chefs at The Market have created a satisfying menu featuring Kowloon Dairy’s wide range of dairy products.

Emphasising the creamy freshness of 100% Fresh Milk, the Seafood and Sweet Corn Chowder with Cracker is a hearty choice to kick off the journey. Taste a spoonful of Stir-Fried Fresh Milk with Crab Meat and Toasted Pine Seeds, a delicate dish with a milky cloud texture combined with tender fresh crab meat and buttery pine nuts.

龍苑中菜廳「夏日至尊•養生冬瓜」 / Winter Melon Masterclass – Loong Yuen @ Holiday Inn Golden Mile

龍苑中菜廳以多種時令食材,融合營養價值豐富的冬瓜,製作出精緻鮮味的夏日冬瓜系列:海鮮冬瓜盅、黑松露冬瓜炒蝦球與上湯瑤柱魚肚浸冬瓜等佳餚!絕對不能錯過!Using the finest seafood and double-boiled to perfection, don’t miss our refreshing winter melon soup and other delicacies such as: Sautéed Prawns and Winter Melon with Black Truffles, Poached Fish Maw and Conpoy with Winter Melon in Chicken Stock and many more! Book your table today!

南意風味 / Flavour of Southern Italy @Osteria – Holiday Inn Golden Mile

從拿坡里的卡爾佐內披薩,西西里的意大利面和薩丁尼亞島的清爽墨魚沙拉,Osteria 大厨Paolo已經為您準備了真正地道的意大利美食。From the Calzone Pizza of Naples, Sicilian Pasta Manicini and refreshing Cuttlefish Salad from Sardinia, Chef Paolo has prepared you a truly authentic Italian feast.

滋味遊 ‧ 東南亞自助午餐 / A Taste of Asia Lunch Buffet @ Bistro on the Mile – Holiday Inn Golden Mile

Bistro on the Mile 於今個夏日讓大家舌尖上暢遊東南亞, 誠意呈獻亞洲風味特色自助午餐, 以泰、新等亞洲國家為靈感,為大家送上東南亞地道美饌, 以極致惹味誘惑大家的味蕾。Bistro on the Mile presents the tantalizing tastes of Southeast Asia featuring cuisines from Thailand and Singapore to indulge your Asian food cravings.

Yamm 悠然仲夏早午盛宴 / Summer Sunday Brunch @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

每2星期耀目登場的周日早午盛宴,讓您盡情品嚐頂級海鮮及洋溢地道風味的日本小食,包括即製手握海膽拖羅壽司、迷你龍蝦包,還有口味豐富的五彩玉子燒、紫菜海膽天婦羅及蒲燒鰻魚烤米棒!Twice a month this summer, in July and August, Yamm serves a special edition of its family brunch in Tsim Sha Tsui with an all-you-can-eat buffet of premium seafood and Japanese specials including made-to-order uni & tororo sushi, mini lobster bun, moreish tamagoyaki egg omelette skewers with various toppings, sea urchin tempura, and handy Japanese eel and rice skewers!

情迷陀斯卡拿 / Flavour of Tuscany @Osteria – Holiday Inn Golden Mile

Osteria意大利餐廳誠意邀請你品嚐特別晚餐菜單 “情迷陀斯卡拿” ,帶你的味覺去一趟陀斯卡拿的美食之旅。享愛總廚Paolo獻上的自家製意大利闊麵和烤至完美T骨牛扒,品嚐正宗意式滋味。Embark on a gastronomy journey through the hills of Tuscany at Osteria.  Start your evening with the region’s finest cold cuts and cheese, followed by a Homemade Pappardelle with Porcini Mushrooms and indulge with your partner in a 1 kg T-bone “Florentina”, grilled to absolute perfection.