MENU半自助午餐 / Semi-Lunch Buffet @ MENU – E-Max

母親節半自助午餐. 餐湯、自助沙律吧、海鮮區及甜品無限量供應
主菜 (任選以下一款):
照燒三文魚 配 時令蔬菜



紅酒燴牛肉飯 Mother’s Day Semi- Lunch Buffet. Main Course (Select one from the main course):
Teriyaki Salmon Fillet with Seasonal Vegetable or
Pork Yakiniku Gua Bao or
Spaghetti with Wafu Garlic and Prawn or
Braised Beef in Red Wine with Rice
Coffee or Tea

2020母親節用餐優惠! – OKiBook最佳餐廳優惠 / Mother’s Day 2020 Best Dining Offers

Yamm,灣景廳,天外天中菜廳,堤岸酒吧及餐廳,天際咖啡室,Osteria 意大利餐廳,等等高級餐廳以優惠價享用母親節自助餐,無限任點,套餐或自選菜單。OKiBook更提供超值限時優惠及早鳥優惠,為您於節日節省高達7折。save up to 30%, all you can eat, festival set menu or a la carte at Yamm, Harbour Restaurant, Above & Beyond, Pierside Bar & Restaurant, SkyCity Bistro, Osteria Ristorante Italiano… and many other premium venues.

MENU半自助晚餐 / Semi-Dinner Buffet @ MENU – E-Max

全新FUSION 菜式半自助晚餐 , 推介菜式包括‘焦糖’豆腐,三文魚籽,紫菜及柚子汁、黑松露‘茶碗蒸’,天婦羅薄脆,青蔥、牛油果泡沬配三文魚他他。MENU is bringing a series of brand new international delicacies in the style of semi-dinner buffet. Tofu Brûlée, Salmon Roe with Seaweed & Yuzu Dressing , Black Truffle “Chawanmushi “ and Avocado Foam with Salmon Tartare

情人節晚市套餐Valentine’s day set [email protected] MENU – E-Max


2月14日情人節晚餐 價錢: 每位HK$178,於2月12號前訂座及繳付按金可享有8折優惠。另加一服務費以正價計算14 Feb (Dinner): 4-course valentine’s day set dinner would be served at $178 per person.

Full pre-payment (non-refundable) required in order to confirm booking. 20% early bird discount when deposit paid before 12 Feb. 10% service charge applies at original price.

情人節特別菜單/ Valentine’s Day special menu @ Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday 預備了一個情人節盛宴,讓您與伴侶或家人一起分享甜蜜。於2020年2月7日至16日期間甜蜜供應。What better way to dine with a loved one, your family or even a friend than to have us create a special menu to help you celebrate anytime from the 7-16 February 2020

慢煮紅酒燴牛尾/ Slow-cooked Ox Tail Stew @ Ruby Tuesday

Ruby’s 為大家準備的八彩千絲食材包括:煙三文魚、紫椰菜、青瓜、紅椒、紅蘿蔔、瑞士芝士、脆炸玉米餅以及油醋醬,過年期間號召親朋好友一同「撈起撈起,撈得風生水起!」,事事由年頭好到年尾!
Ruby’s take on this traditional dish includes 8 freshly prepared ingredients – a Spring-salad with crispy strips of fried Flour Tortilla, Smoked Salmon, Red Cabbage, Cucumber, Red Pepper, Carrots, Swiss Cheese, and then drizzled with a classic Vinegarette to add just a little bit of zest. For added luck, you toss this salad up in the air – at your dinner table – together with your nearest and dearest, family and friends to bless the arrival of Chinese New Year!