生蠔海膽自助晚餐 / Oyster And Sea Urchin Feast Dinner Buffet @ Café On M – InterContinental Grand Stanford

令饗客熱切期待的海景咖啡廊自助晚餐即將隆重回歸,於6月5日至8月30日期間帶來雙重奢華滋味享受 - 以法國生蠔及加拿大赤海膽為重點,供應八款不同主題美食,每位客人更可額外獲得澳洲珍寶生蠔一隻。afé on M’s popular dinner buffet is back! Luxuriate in the perfect marriage between oysters and sea urchin at Café on M from 5 June to 30 August, featuring more than 8 extravagant food selections with oysters and Canadian red urchin. A jumbo Australian oyster will be served at the table for each guest as the highlight of the evening.

濃情愛意 浪漫慶祝 / Valentine’s Day Specials @ InterContinental Grand Stanford

Theo Mistral by Theo Randall呈獻意式情人節五道菜晚餐,讓顧客與摯愛慶祝浪漫時刻。備受歡迎的自家製海鮮芝士雲吞伴蕃茄橄欖醬及香草為必試之選,雲吞中釀入3款矜貴海鮮包括龍蝦、蟹肉及大蝦,伴以軟芝士、番茄及橄欖醬等。主菜可於香烤龍脷魚柳配炒薯及香烤美國牛柳扒配燒雜菜當中二選其一,精湛的廚藝加上新鮮的食材令人回味無窮。Theo Mistral by Theo Randall sets the romantic ambience with tantalizing five-course dinner menu. Nothing can beat the restaurant’s signature homemade raviolone pasta filled with lobster, crab and king prawn, featuring pasta filled with three succulent seafood with ricotta cheese in a well-made tomato sauce with olive tapenade. Pick from pan-roasted U.S. beef tenderloin served with roasted vegetables or pan-roasted dover sole served with sautéed potatoes as main that will surprise palate with its tenderness, freshness and delicate flavour. 

新鮮黑松露鴨肝盛宴 / Black Truffle & Foie Gras Delight @ Café On M – InterContinental Grand Stanford

由即日起至3月31日海景咖啡廊於其自助晚餐帶來矜貴的食材– 黑松露及鴨肝。網羅超過10款以新鮮黑松露及匈牙利肥美鴨肝入饌的滋味美食,由頭盤、熱湯至主菜及甜品,加上源源不絕地供應來自法國的時令紛迪加(Fine de Claire)生蠔、各式日式刺身壽司、烤肉眼扒配松露鴨肝醬等必定令食客情迷不已!Keep the winter chills at bay and revel in a sumptuous dinner buffet featuring more than 10 extravagant food selections with elusive black truffle and foie gras.

新春佳餚薈萃 / Chinese New Year Delights @ Hoi King Heen – InterContinental Grand Stanford

各款賀年佳餚均載有吉祥意頭,寓意步步高升的上海年糕燴松葉蟹鉗(港幣$288),冬天時令的松葉蟹肉質鮮嫩且味道香濃,上海年糕吸收滋味蟹汁,讓人一再回味。中文的「生菜」及「生財」讀音類近,因此賀年菜式很多時候都會用上生菜為材料,而梁師傅就特意炮製寓意生財就手的唐生菜燴豬腳仔(港幣$258),豬腳仔經60分鐘慢煮烹調至軟腍入味,伴以唐生菜上碟,為賀年必備之選。其餘推介亦有山瑞裙絲炒龍蝦肉(港幣$528)及寓意發財好市的發菜燴蠔豉(港幣$308)等。Every dish is believed to bring happiness and prosperity in the Chinese New Year. Highlights from this special menu includes Sautéed Snow Crab Claws with Sliced Glutinous Rice Cake (HK$288) and Braised Pork’s Trotter with Seasonal Vegetables (HK$258). The former delicacy has made use of Japanese snow crab where its succulence is at its best this season, while the latter dish features lip-smacking pork’s trotter and Chinese lettuce that rhymes “wealth” in Cantonese pronunciation. The pork’s trotters has been braised masterfully for a minimum of 60 minutes until soft and tender.

聖誕及新年美食盛宴 / Perfect the Festive Season with Culinary Wonderland @ InterContinental Grand Stanford

以意式風味歡度佳節,由英國名廚Theo Randall主理的Theo Mistral by Theo Randall為食客帶來以最佳時令本地及進口食材炮製的節慶佳餚。餐廳平安夜及除夕提供的半自助晚餐帶來多款豐富美食包括即開生蠔、波士頓龍蝦、松葉蟹腳以及各式冰鎮海鮮均於海鮮吧中無限量供應。主菜方面亦網羅多款餐廳經典滋味包括紅蝦番茄魚子醬意大利麵、香烤牛仔扒配薯仔及意大利海鱸魚配番茄等,平安夜更有多款節慶甜品讓人目不暇給。Celebrate the holiday season with an Italian flair. British celebrity Chef Theo Randall brings guests a memorable festive dining experience blending the best local ingredients and seasonal imported produce from Italy at Theo Mistral by Theo Randall. The Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve’s semi-buffet set dinners feature a host of sumptuous feasts on the buffet table including freshly-shucked oysters, Boston lobsters, Snow crab legs and chilled seafood on ice. Choose among Chef Theo’s Italian classics as your main course, featuring Homemade Taglierini Pasta with Red Prawns with Datterini tomatoes, Grilled Veal Steak with Roasted New Potatoes as well as Italian Sea Bass with Datterini Tomatoes.

大閘蟹美饌 / Hairy Crab Delicacies @ Hoi King Heen – InterContinental Grand Stanford

由10月21日至12月31日期間,酒店行政中菜總廚梁輝雄師傅將從江蘇寶應湖帶來享負盛名的大閘蟹,於海景軒隆重呈獻八款時令美饌,匯聚大閘蟹之精髓,為食客打造令人難忘的蟹味驚喜。From October 21 until December 31, Hoi King Heen will be serving up some of the seasons’ finest hairy crabs. Award-winning master chef Leung Fai Hung will present hairy crabs in eight different styles with crabs sourced from the Jiangsu Baoying Lake