時令夏季菜譜 / Seasonal Summer Menu @Sha Tin 18 – Hyatt Regency Sha Tin

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Sha Tin 18

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Chef Ho Chun Hung, Chinese Chef de Cuisine at Sha Tin 18, ingeniously uses seasonal hand-picked ingredients to create an array of appetising specialties, specifically designed for summer. Also not to be missed are Chef Kelvin Lai’s creative desserts.Each of Sha Tin 18’s seasonal menus feature distinctive ingredients. In this summer menu, Chef Ho has selected the ginger lily to create his dishes. The ginger lily originates from Taiwan and it owns a unique floral taste, which helps to beat the summer heat. Sichuan pepper oil is added to Tossed abalone, ginger lily, Sichuan pepper for a subtle spiciness and numbness on the tongue. For the dish, Steamed carp fish head, ginger lily, spring onion, ginger lily is added to bring out the freshness of the fish and create a refreshing taste. Another recommendation is the Simmered pork belly, water lily, dried shrimp, horned water chestnut, fish broth. The water lily is rich in protein and dietary fiber, and the home made fish soup is added to enhance the aroma. In the dish, Tossed homemade beancurd custard, scallop, crisbean, the combination of crunchy crisbean and silky smooth homemade beancurd custard works so well and offers a perfect blend of different textures.

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Given the great success of his popular homemade sauces – Chinese wampi paste, Chef Ho continuously uses it in the summer menu. Made from Chinese wampi and natural honey, the sweet and sour sauce forms a perfect blend and creates the appetizing dish, Wok-baked cod fish, home-marinated Chinese wampi paste.

Undoubtedly, plant-based and vegetarian diets are now in the main stream. In light of this green revolution, Chef Ho has introduced different vegetable and vegetarian dishes at Sha Tin 18. New dishes Stir-fried horned water chestnuts, Chinese salsify, fungus, ginkgo nuts, okra include four different types of vegetables as well as nuts. The colourful presentation looks attractive and appetizing. The nutritious caterpillar fungus flower is accompanied by soya milk in the dish Simmered luffa, enoki mushroom, caterpillar fungus flower, soya milk. The rich soya milk soup helps to bring out the natural and sweet taste of vegetables and create a wonderful aroma.

Pastry Chef Kelvin Lai has also crafted creative desserts to tantalise guests’ taste buds. Inspired by one of our guests, Candied winter melon contains lemon and barley and is served with homemade sherbet to help to relieve the summer heat. The refreshing treat is decorated with a piece of candied winter melon to add a finishing touch. Another must-try is Baked durian, cheese pastry, in which the crispy outer layer envelops the rich cheeses and durian paste inside, creating a perfect blend of flavours. Also available are the delectable Thai-style bubble milk tea homemade ice cream and Chinese preserved plum panna cotta, wolfberry sauce.

Sha Tin 18

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