The Salted Pig 十二月呈獻英倫風味菜單 / Celebrate The Best Of Britain @ The Salted Pig

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-踏入十二月,是時候迎接普天同慶的聖誕節!The Salted Pig 特別選以英國為主題,呈獻一系列傳統美食,讓客人一嘗英式經典風味。節日將至,當然亦不少得美酒相伴,餐廳同時推出一系列節日雞尾酒,讓客人舉杯慶祝佳節。

頭盤「鼠尾草豬肉腸酥卷」$118)為英國著名小吃,酥皮內包以洋蔥、鼠尾草及免治肉腸,酥皮香口鬆脆,包住的肉腸香嫩多汁,帶陣陣香草濃郁味道,另伴以酸菜、火箭菜沙律和巴馬臣芝士,清新不膩。同屬經典菜式的Welsh Rarebit$118),格魯耶爾(Gruyere)芝士內混入喼汁、芥末和啤酒等煮至濃稠,鋪於酸種多士上,再烤至金黃,入口鹹香惹味。


餐廳亦設計了多款限定飲品,與客人歡度節日。當中包括聖誕節和冬天必備的香料酒Mulled Wine」$88),紅酒內加入橙、肉桂、豆蔻和丁香等加熱,入口夾雜清新果香,加上香料濃郁味道,暖烘烘享用,份外窩心。另外,還有三款節日雞尾酒供應,推介Santa Claus」$88),以意大利汽酒、橙味甜酒、伏特加和士多啤梨糖漿調成,氣泡細緻綿密,酸甜醒胃。另一款以冧酒為基調的White Christmas」$88),混入青檸汁和朱古力粉,加上香滑的忌廉點綴,賣相充滿節日氣氛。

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For the next stop on our Pork By Region Tour, we head straight into the heart of this season’s celebrations with some of Britain’s signature favourites.

To begin your culinary journey, we start off with some finger-friendly Pork & Sage Sausage Rolls ($118), served with piquant piccalilli and a fresh rocket salad topped with shaved Parmesan. Next up is the Welsh Rarebit ($118), melting sharp cheddar, Guinness, mustard and Worcestershire sauce, grilled to golden perfection on sourdough toast and enjoyed with handpicked pickles & leaves, or you can bring a little winter-warming cheer with the quintessentially British Pea & Ham Soup ($98) drizzled with olive oil and lemon zest.

For pure main-course comfort, order a plate of Bangers & Mash ($178) – a whole Cumberland pork sausage wheel on a bed of mashed potatoes, smothered with savoury onion gravy. We head to the ocean next with an enticing Fish Pie ($198) – sweet scallops, prawns, salmon and squid, in a cream sauce, awaiting you under a buttery and fluffy potato top. And, of course, nothing says classic British better than our succulent Crispy Roast Pork ($218), served alongside black pudding, celeriac rémoulade & apple purée.

Make some room for our divine desserts and indulge in our fragrant Cinnamon Custard Tart ($68) with tart English raspberries, or take a trip down memory lane with our sticky Toffee Pudding ($68) and ice cream, sure to bring back some sweet childhood memories!

Pair any of our dishes with our special winter drinks including the velvety White Christmas ($88) a delicious concoction of rum, chocolate powder, lime cordial and cream, the Santa Claus ($88), a fruity mix of vodka, triple-sec, strawberry purée and Prosecco, or the Blue Snow ($88), blending bubbly Prosecco with silky-smooth caramel syrup, blue curaçao and cream. But who can resist a classic Mulled Wine ($88 per glass) on a cold winter’s day?

Save a trip and celebrate the best of Britain with us at The Salted Pig this December as we bring the party to you!

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