御花園咖啡室自助午餐及自助晚餐優惠 / Cafe Rivoli Sumptuous Lunch and Dinner Buffets Reopening Offer @ Café Rivoli – Regal Hong Kong Hotel

御花園咖啡室品嘗新推出的「活海鮮.燒蠔自助晚餐」,以本地活海鮮製作一系列鮮味無窮海鮮美饌及豐富佳餚,餐廳更以芒果為材,創作出數款新甜品,甜入心頭,不容錯過!Café Rivoli at Regal Hongkong Hotel is presenting the newly-launched “Live Seafood and Grilled Oysters Dinner Buffet”, creating a range of delicious seafood dishes and delicacies making use of local live seafood.

Leisure Teatime Menu @ Umami – Le Méridien Cyberport

鰻魚玉子燒 蟹子沙律 帶子牛油果他他配柚子沙律汁 三文魚青瓜刺身卷 Japanese Rolled Omelette with Eel, Crab Roe Salad, Scallop and Avocado Tartar with Yuzu Sauce, Salmon Sashimi wrapped in thinly sliced Cucumber

海鮮晚市套餐 / Seafood Set Dinner @ Above & Beyond – Hotel ICON

細味天外天中菜廳匠心呈獻的海鮮晚市套餐。由廚師團隊精心創作的晚市套餐選用時令食材入饌,銳意為各位海鮮愛好者帶來一趟鮮味滿載的美食盛宴。Savour an expertly crafted seafood set dinner by the talented culinary team at Above & Beyond. Sourcing only the finest ingredients of the season, the new seafood set dinner promises to satisfy the cravings of all seafood lovers.

「貝類水產鮮味配」自助晚餐 / ‘Jewels Of The Sea’ Dinner Buffet @ Café On M – InterContinental Grand Stanford

海景咖啡廊自助晚餐由現在至12月6日期間將以「貝類水產鮮味配」為主題,網羅環球11款貝類水產如法國Fine de Claire生蠔、本地鮮活草蝦、蟶子、花甲、 加拿大松葉蟹、英國麵包蟹及日本扇貝等,餐廳更為每位成人奉上新鮮波士頓龍蝦(半隻),並以客人自選方式烹調,為海鮮饕帶來多種滋味選擇。Hit up Café on M for a full-blown seafood dinner buffet from now till 6 December, featuring more than 10 types of shellfish from around the globe, from freshly shucked Fine de Claire oysters, local live shrimps, razor clams and shrimps, to Canadian snow crabs, UK brown crabs, Japanese scallops and many more. Café on M presents each adult guest a live Boston lobster (half portion), cooked to your preference. 

天外天至尊蟹宴 / Crabs Specials @ Above & Beyond – Hotel ICON

天外天以當造螃蟹入饌,多款菜式融合經典粵菜精髓及現代元素。龍湯芙蓉長腳蟹的嫩滑蛋白,滲透著淡淡龍蝦香氣,盡顯長腳蟹肉鮮甜。A successful combination of traditional Cantonese cuisine with modern flair, each limited-time dish features crab at the forefront.

灣景廳「和牛」「蠔」滋味自助晚餐 / “A Flavourful Twist” Wagyu and Oyster Dinner Buffet @ Harbour Restaurant – The Harbourview

灣景國際灣景廳於7 – 10月期間呈獻「和牛」「蠔」滋味自助晚餐,搜羅來自各地軟滑飽滿的鮮蠔,及脂香豐腴的美國與澳洲和牛加以煮理,通過豐富多樣的風味,煥發出夏日所賦予的活力「滋」彩,加上美國生蠔、新西蘭生蠔及加拿大雪花蟹腳等冰鎮海鮮源源供應,為今個盛夏注入一襲透徹心扉的味覺衝擊。Made from oysters from around the world and the U.S. and Australian Wagyu Beef, the “Summer Savour” Wagyu and Oyster Dinner Buffet at Harbour Restaurant surely will end your day on a delicious note

季節推薦 / Seasonal Recommendation @ Nam Fong – Le Méridien Cyberport

鮮沙薑撈鮮南非鮑魚 有機松本茸及日本虎皮椒炒星斑球 酸菜星斑片配日本稻庭麵 海鮮湯波士頓龍蝦配脆米粉 Marinated South African Abalone with Sand Ginger Sautéed Garoupa Fillet with Organic Pine Mushroom and Japanese Pepper Poached Sliced Garoupa with Pickled Cabbage and Japanese Inaniwa Braised Boston Lobster in Seafood Soup with Pan-fried Rice Vermicelli

國際美食海鮮盛宴 / International Gourmet Seafood Feast @ Café Circles – L’hotel Nina Et Convention Centre

Café Circles 自助餐為食客呈獻一系列新鮮海鮮、精緻冷盤、即席烹調意大利粉、多國熱盤及精美甜品等,每位惠顧自助晚餐的食客更可品嚐即燒和牛扒一客,為您送上非凡的餐飲體驗﹗Savor a wide array of gourmet to satisfy your craving with fresh seafood, exquisite cold dishes, made-to-order pasta, mouthwatering hot dishes and enticing desserts etc. Each patron can also enjoy the juicy Grilled Wagyu Beef directly served from the grill once during dinner buffet!

Yamm 金秋豐盛蟹饌 / Crabalicious Dinner Buffet @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

華麗蟹逅載譽回歸自助餐殿堂Yamm!惹人垂涎的滋味蟹饌,包括主廚即席巧製岩鹽香檸鱈場蟹腳、讓人回味不已的芝士蟹黃蟹肉龍蝦包,細味由新鮮海膽、蟹肉及魚籽組成的豪華丼飯、蟹膏松葉蟹肉軍艦及金銀蛋蟹腳粥!北海道毛蟹腿肉伴斑蘭果凍,更是讓人再三回味!Crab attack is back at Yamm! Sharpen your teeth for a cornucopia of crab specials cooked live in front of you by our Chefs from Rock Salt-Fried Lemon King Crab Leg and moreish Lobster Rolls with Cheese Crab Roe and Crab Meat to luxuriant Sea Urchin, Crab and Salmon Roe Mini Rice Don, delicate Snow Crab Meat and Crab Roe Gunkan Maki, and Preserved Egg and Crab Leg Congee! Don’t miss the elegant Hokkaido Hairy Crab Meat and Pandan Jelly!