OKiBook 2017年8月“會員獨家優惠”高達5折+兒童免費 / August 2017 “members only” offers – up to 50% off and kids dine free!

Cafe on M, [email protected], Momo Cafe, Hari’s Bar, Brunch Club, Loong Yuen, Café Express, Avanti, L’Eau, Yamm, Osteria, Regal Court, and many more…

秋日‧鐵板盛宴 / Autumn Teppanyaki @ Airport Izakaya – Regal Airport

Airport Izakaya brings you a premium Japanese dining experience with the new Teppanyaki Set featuring baked Lobster and A4 Wagyu Beef, where watching the chef’s culinary performance is part of the enjoyment.

海陸盛宴 / Oysters & Korean Beef Buffet @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

In the coming months with the magic letter “R” Yamm’s dinner buffet will be flooded with jet-fresh oysters from France !