復活節奇幻城堡派對/ Miracle Castle Easter Buffets @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

自助餐殿堂Yamm為朱古力迷締造夢想成真的復活節早午盛宴!年供應即開生蠔及波士頓龍蝦外, 芝士、凍肉,還有令人目不暇給的醉人甜點,品嚐時令士多啤梨及巨型棉花糖配抹茶朱古力噴泉. Easter dreams come true at Yamm which serves a brunch spread every chocolate, freshly shucked oysters and Boston Lobsters,cheese & cold cuts with condiments and divine desserts

Yamm誠獻嶄新自助餐 / Discover Fresh Buffet Themes @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

踏入2020年,Yamm呈獻4款嶄新自助午餐主題,每週更新,配合全新即席烹調美食區及琳瑯滿目的精選美饌俘虜您的味蕾!好好計劃您的美食旅程,蒞臨The Mira Hong Kong,盡情享受源源不絕供應的午餐味力!Satisfy all your 2020 midday cravings at Yamm with 4 exciting lunch buffet themes rotating weekly (Friday to Sunday) featuring live cooking stations and speciality dishes! Plan your culinary schedule and return often to catch your favourite, all-you-can-eat lunch must-haves at The Mira Hong Kong!

「吃喝無限點」海鮮及環球美饌盛會 / All-you-can-eat Seafood and International Delicacies @ Café on the PARK – Royal Pacific Hotel

投入無限任點美饌盛會,每位客人尊享蟲草花圓肉杞子燉豬腱湯及凍海鮮拼盤*乙客。惠顧晚餐之客人,每位更可升級額外獲贈特選刺身拼盤乙客。A Double-boiled Soup with Cordyceps Flower, Wolfberries and Pork Shank and Seafood Platter* will be treated for each diner upon patronage. For dinner, each guest can also enjoy a Premium Sashimi Platter with our compliments.

國際海鮮任點任食晚餐 / “Catch of the Day” All-You-Can-Eat Dinner @ LIS Café – L’hotel Island South

海鮮迷們請注意!如心南灣海景酒店LIS Café呈獻全新任點任食晚餐,讓您一次過品嘗多款滋味海鮮菜式。休魚期在即,把握最後機會品嘗每日由漁市場直送的新鮮海鮮吧! 
現每兩位惠顧,即額外享主廚即席炮製的是日精選海鮮乙客,您更可自選烹調方式,增添無限美味!Attention! Relish on an array of scrumptious seafood delicacies before fishing moratorium at LIS Café! A complimentary ”Catch of the Day” seafood dish a la minute by Chef with cooking method at your choice will be offered to every 2 patrons!

Yamm豐州市場嚐鮮之夜 / Toyosu Market Dinner Buffet @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

新鮮曰本刺身﹝吞拿魚, 鱆紅魚, 油甘魚, 北寄貝, 帶子, 三文魚, 八爪魚﹞
Fresh Carving Sashimi (Tuna, Kanpachi, Amberjack, Hokkigai, Scallop, Salmon, Octopus)
Omakase Nigiri Sushi
Sea Urchin and Minced Fatty Tuna Sushi Rice with Spring Onion on Seaweed
Flamed Fresh Eel Skewer with Ginger and Soya Gravy (Yakitori)
Deep-fried Hiroshima Oyster with Ink Batter (Tempura)
Deep-fried Breaded Yamato Pork Cutlet (Tempura)

【小童/長者免費優惠】-「泰」滋味 任點任食假日早午餐 / 【Kids/ Seniors Dine Free】 – Amazing Thai All-You-Can-Eat Holiday Brunch @ LIS Café – L’hotel Island South

精選地道推介如鮮蝦柚子沙律、泰式燒豬頸肉、黃咖哩軟穀蟹、椰汁芒果糯米飯、及泰式奶茶特飲,是您必吃之選!Abundant selections including Shrimps and Pomelo Salad, Thai Shrimps Cake, Roasted Pork Neck with Thai Dressing ,Deep-fried Soft–shell Crab in Yellow Curry, Mango and Sticky Rice with Coconut Cream and Thai Milk Tea are assured to satisfy your exotic crave.

「嚐鮮•海鮮」晚膳菜譜 / ‘Taste of Ocean’ Set Dinner @ Café on the PARK – Royal Pacific Hotel

嚐鮮之旅先以開胃誘人的前菜喚醒味蕾,重點推介有海中寶三重奏,廚師嚴選口感豐腴鮮甜的北海道帶子,再加上鮮蝦脆多士和香脆魷魚,每款均鮮味出眾,令人一試傾心。Begin the exciting culinary adventure with the alluring Seafood Trio sourced from Hokkaido. Famous for its delicate flavour and buttery texture, the seafood trio is prepared in a range of ways, including tartar with Hokkaido scallop , fresh shrimp bruschetta and crispy baby squid.

悠然下午茶 / “‘RELAX · RECHARGE’ AFTERNOON TEA @ Café on the PARK – Royal Pacific Hotel

皇家太平洋酒店柏景餐廳推出的悠然下午茶, 由即日起至3月31日,美食包括牛油鬆餅配自家香橙醬及忌廉,迷你芝士雞扒漢堡、澳洲特色扒蝦蒜香多士等。Famed for offering contemporary Australian cuisine, Cafe on the Park at Royal Pacific Hotel , launching the enchanting ‘RELAX · RECHARGE’ AFTERNOON TEA from now until end of March. Menu highlights: Butter scone, Orange Preserve, Clotted Cream, Mini Chicken Parmigiana Burger,Shrimp on Garlic Toast etc.