新鮮黑松露鴨肝盛宴 / Black Truffle & Foie Gras Delight @ Café On M – InterContinental Grand Stanford

由即日起至3月31日海景咖啡廊於其自助晚餐帶來矜貴的食材– 黑松露及鴨肝。網羅超過10款以新鮮黑松露及匈牙利肥美鴨肝入饌的滋味美食,由頭盤、熱湯至主菜及甜品,加上源源不絕地供應來自法國的時令紛迪加(Fine de Claire)生蠔、各式日式刺身壽司、烤肉眼扒配松露鴨肝醬等必定令食客情迷不已!Keep the winter chills at bay and revel in a sumptuous dinner buffet featuring more than 10 extravagant food selections with elusive black truffle and foie gras.

新鮮牡蠣自助餐/ Oyster Mania Promotion @ Tiffin – Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

在寒冷季節,Chef Andre 每晚準備不同產地的新鮮牡蠣, 只用一點檸檬就能帶出不同風味,也很適合攪拌奶油濃湯,或以烤焗風格烹調,以滿足每位牡蠣愛好者。During a cold season, Chef Andre prepared a difference origin fresh oyster daily. The briny bivalves are spectacular served raw with just a squeeze of lemon, they are also great for stirring into creamy chowder, baked dishes like Rockefeller or Kilpatrick style which brings every oyster lover a smile in their face.

新春粵式功夫菜自助晚餐 / Gourmet Journey of Authentic CNY @ Centre Street Kitchen – Island Pacific Hotel

新春佳節是向親朋摯友送上祝福的好時機,港島太平洋酒店餐廳將於1月24日至28日期間,推出新春粵式功夫菜自助晚餐,除了供應多款冰鎮海鮮、新鮮刺身和粵式功夫菜外,廚藝團隊亦會為饗客獻上一系列賞心悅目的賀年菜餚,還有任食Häagen-Dazs雪糕,讓您與親朋摯友細味舊日情懷、迎春接福!Chinese New Year is around the corner! From 24 January to 28 January, Centre Street Kitchen is ready to showcase a scrumptious spread of delicacies. Other than the Nostalgic Guangdong cuisine, Seafood on Ice, Sashimi and Häagen-Dazs ice-cream, a variety of signature local CNY dishes will also be served. Enjoy the taste of old time Guangdong while celebrating with family and friends to share the joy and love during the festive period!

問月酒店情人節及農曆新年慶典 / Indulge in romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner and auspicious CNY menus @ Supergiant Tapas & Cocktail Bar – Mira Moon Hotel

由12月初起,Supergiant特別呈獻滋味滿載的3道菜節日午餐,垂涎美食包括烤鴨肉沙律、慢煮聖誕火雞及經典雜莓酥餅,以佳餚美饌預先迎接聖誕佳節,歡度悅滿12月!並於聖誕節享用滋味滿載的節慶午餐,節日美食包括慢煮聖誕火雞及黑朱古力布丁,迎接歡騰聖誕佳節!It’s never too early to celebrate Christmas! Tempt your taste bud with a gratifying 3-course festive set lunch from HK$168 per person, available from early December and enjoy a stack of signature delicacies including Roasted Duck Salad, Slow-cooked Christmas Turkey and Baked Mix Berry Crumble. And on Christmas, treat yourself to a gratifying festive set lunch and enjoy a stack of festive delicacies including Slow-cooked Christmas Turkey and Baked Dark Chocolate Pudding.

「鴨肝.爐端燒」自助晚餐 / Duck Liver and Robatayaki Dinner Buffet @ Café Rivoli – Regal Hong Kong Hotel

御花園咖啡室品嘗新推出的「活海鮮.燒蠔自助晚餐」,以本地活海鮮製作一系列鮮味無窮海鮮美饌及豐富佳餚,餐廳更以芒果為材,創作出數款新甜品,甜入心頭,不容錯過!Café Rivoli at Regal Hongkong Hotel is presenting the newly-launched “Live Seafood and Grilled Oysters Dinner Buffet”, creating a range of delicious seafood dishes and delicacies making use of local live seafood.

最「蠔」海鮮自助晚餐 / Oyster Extravaganza Dinner Buffet @ LIS Café – L’hotel Island South

不得不嘗主廚推介的特色滋味蠔饌,包括特色焗蠔、即製香煎蠔餅、蠔仔粥、薑蔥美國蠔煲及砵酒焗蠔等;自助餐更有多款凍鎮海鮮、日式刺身、多國精選熱葷、即煮麵檔、印度美食及精緻甜品。Spoil yourself with a sumptuous array of oyster and seafood delicacies at LIS Café! Highlights include Assorted Baked Oysters, Pan-fried Oyster Cake, Oyster Congee, Braised Oyster in Port Wine and Sautéed Oyster with Ginger and Scallion in Clay Pot are not to be missed! Abundant choices of chilled seafood, sushi & sashimi, international hot dishes, instant noodles cooking counter, Indian curry and delicate desserts are also ready to tease your palate.

新春海鮮自助晚餐 / Tasty Traditions @ Garden Café – Conrad Hong Kong

新春闔家歡聚,豐盛自助餐最適合不過!除了現切魚生及一系列國際美食外,咖啡園於1月24日至31日的新春自助晚餐時段更將上演傳統魚生撈起,讓你樂沾喜氣,為新年帶來好兆頭。當然不能錯過各式鮮美海鮮、戶外燒烤美食等美食。Ring in the golden year of the Rat with your beloved family and friends at Garden Café. To ensure an auspicious beginning for all, our culinary team has crafted a range of festive delicacies as well as an authentic Lo Hei Yu Sheng show nightly from 24-31 January. Other highlights include the flown-in fresh seafood on ice, Chinese New Year inspired local favorites and grilled seafood from the outdoor barbeque station.

MoMo Café 自助晚餐 / Dinner Buffet @ MoMo Café – Courtyard by Marriott (Sai Ying Pun)

MoMo Café 自助晚餐匯集世界各地美食精粹,逾二十款開胃前菜及頭盤可供選擇。




自助餐又怎少得了甜品,除了種類繁多的蛋糕選擇外,還有十八款口味的Mövenpick雪糕供應,配上二十四款美味配料,甜品控絕對不能錯過。另外自助晚餐更提供無限暢飲的嘉士伯生啤,令您開懷享受,增添樂趣。Dinner buffet at MoMo Café features the cuisine from around the world, with over 20 appetizers to start the feast.

One of the most highlighted item for a buffet must be seafood area, offering a variety of selected seafood on ice such as snow crab leg, fresh shrimp, fresh clams and New Zealand mussels etc. Additionally, we serves fresh open Japanese oyster on every Friday to Sunday and public holidays.

Before tasting the hot dishes, you may enjoy our daily Chinese or Western soups, as well as the double boiled Soup, which is limited to the season.

On the hot dish side, you may choose from daily instant carving – New Zealand OP Rib or Herbs crushed Roasted New Zealand beef sirloin, homemade Chinese barbequed meat, and more. In addition, there are Stir-fired fresh slipper lobster with garlic and chili, as well as our made to order MoMo Signature Stone Fire Pizza.

To finish the feast with a beautiful ending, how can you miss the desserts? Apart from the wide selection of cakes, there are also 18 flavors of Mövenpick ice cream with 24 delicious condiments. In addition, the dinner buffet also offers unlimited Carlsberg draft beer for your enjoyment.

「泰越好滋味」環球美食自助晚餐 / “Flavor of Thai and Viet” International Delicacies Dinner Buffet @ MENU – E-Max

由即日至29/2/2020, MENU總廚精心挑選廣受歡迎的時令海鮮及琳瑯美饌,多款色彩繽紛的越南及泰國風味菜式源源不斷奉上,火紅味力一觸即發!
惹味推介包括: 雪花長腳蟹、冰鎮海鮮拼盤、泰式海南雞、香辣燒羊扒、菠蘿金不換香茅燴鴨、越式燴牛尾、泰式牛肉及唐香胡荽沙律及多款歐亞甜點…
From now until 29 February 2020, MENU is bringing an international delicacy with the team’s professional to the table. Apart from the most loved chilled seafood and roasted meat, the restaurant also features an array of Thai and Viet delicacies, tempting dishes made of herbs, curry and and spicy for guests’ enjoyment. Recommendations included Hainanese Chicken in Thai Style, Roasted Spicy Lamb, Braised Duck with Pineapple, Lemon Grass and Basil, Braised Ox Tail and Chilled Long Crab Legs and Thai Beef, Coriander Salad… Top off the feast, all dinner buffet guests would enjoy a free flow of soft drink and beer during the dining period that create an unforgettable dining experience.

Yamm生蠔鮮蟹味力盛宴 / Oyster and Crab Buffet @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

Oyster & Crab Buffet Highlights:
Freshly Shucked Oysters
Freshly Steamed Boston Lobsters on Ice
Steamed Brown Crab and Snow Crab Legs on Ice
Baked Sakura Shrimp and Rice Ball with Crab Roe
Crab Porridge with Conpoy and Bean-curd Sheet
Wok-fried Crab with Black Pepper, Onion and Butter
Steamed Crab with Udon, Garlic and Oyster Sauce
Freshly Shucked Oysters with Tomato, Lettuce and Thai Chili Dressing Shooters
Pan-fried Oyster Cake with Egg and XO Sauce
Hiroshima Oyster Motoyaki: Baked Hiroshima Oyster with Garlic & Spring Onion / Celery & Garlic Soya Gravy / Basil Potato Puree