Yamm除夕自助饗宴倒數派對 / Welcome 2020! New Year’s Eve Buffet Celebration @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

Yamm除夕自助饗宴倒數派對 / Welcome 2020! New Year’s Eve Buffet Celebration @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong由琳瑯美饌自助餐及華麗慶典為迎接新一年打造歡欣躍動的一夜!惹人垂涎的佳節烤肉包括香烤牛肋骨、太平洋吞拿魚刺身、無限供應即開新鮮日本生蠔、冰鎮波士頓龍蝦,每位饕客更可尊享原隻香菇蠔汁燜鮑魚!Farewell the year in style with exciting entertainment and a show-stopping buffet featuring unlimited slow-cooked US prime ribs, Pacific tuna sashimi, lobsters on ice and Japanese oysters, plus braised whole abalone with shitake and oyster sauce for every Guest!

Yamm喜迎佳節自助盛宴 / Festive Countdown Buffets @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong


由12月7日起,晚宴奉上一系列節日饌嚐為滋味昇華,包括赤蝦及北海道帆立貝刺身、香煎鴨肝伴焦糖蘋果、鮮味海膽豆腐及即開日本新鮮生蠔!At Yamm, you don’t have to wait until Christmas Eve to get your fill of roasted ribs and turkey with chestnut stuffing and cranberry sauce! From the first day of December our chefs dish out the most-anticipated roast of the year at lunch and dinner buffets with even more festive surprises coming along.

Yamm奇妙聖誕節慶自助餐 / Magical Christmas Buffets @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

盡情享用琳琅滿目之節日盛宴,包括太平洋吞拿魚刺身,新鮮日本生蠔、傳統聖誕火雞伴甘栗餡料及精緻甜品區任您品嚐!特別嘉賓聖誕老人更於一連兩日,於平安夜及聖誕節當日探訪親臨Yamm歡渡節日的一家大小。晚上更有聖誕合唱團為您表演,為晚宴喜悅昇華!oysters!ring your family to Yamm to celebrate the merriest days of the year with 3 festive roasts, unlimited freshly steamed Boston lobsters and freshly shucked Japanese oysters. Lobster bisque with bird’s nest, Pacific tuna sashimi carving, and king crab legs on ice are just some of the luxuriant dinner highlights not to mention the whimsical desserts table including Hazelnut Praline Yule Log Cake!

Yamm十週年尋味經典 延續奢華慶典饗宴 / Let the gourmet celebrations continue! Anniversary Buffet @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

踏入金秋,Yamm為您締造逾10個探尋無限味力的理由!於自助盛宴盡情品嚐香煎鴨肝伴柑橘汁、雲南珍菌海鮮燉湯、即製火炙韓國河東牛肉壽司等。鍾情海鮮饌嚐的您,不容錯過悸動味蕾的赤蝦及北海道帆立貝刺身與冰鎮麵包蟹。源源不絕供應的冰鎮新鮮波士頓龍蝦及即開生蠔,更是令人回味不已!In this Autumn, Yamm gives you more than 10 reasons to revisit often as the buffet features special dishes such as Seared Foie Gras with Citrus Sauce, Superior Seafood and Yunnan mushroom Soup, and Korean Hanwoo Beef Sushi torched in front of you. Seafood fans will revel in the Red Prawn & Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi and Steamed Brown Crab on Ice. Don’t miss the unlimited freshly steamed live Boston lobsters on ice and freshly shucked oysters!

仲夏週日早午盛宴 / Summer Sunday Brunch @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

Summer is for long lazy brunches with family and friends.