「冬日滋補」自助晚餐 / Nourishing Winter Dinner Buffet @ Café Circles – L’hotel Nina Et Convention Centre

廚師搜羅多款精彩食材,一系列中式烹調以藥膳入饌 – 荷香杞子蒸雞、藥膳東坡肉、麒麟杞子蒸斑腩皆令人垂涎。而多國美食又豈能缺席?廚師團隊嚴選多款烹調秘法,復刻經典暖身名菜,如愛爾蘭燴羊肉、意式燴牛膝、法式紅酒雞、白汁燴牛仔肉、酒香燴牛肋條,每一口熱燙美味都恍如帶你置身各國名城,讓這個秋冬更有暖意詩意。Chinese cuisine with mild medical value – Steamed Chicken with Goji in Lotus Leaf, Braised Pork Belly with Herbs, Steamed Garoupa Slice with Yunnan Ham, Black Mushroom and Goji etc. Looking for something in Western style? Indulge in the classic Western dishes such as Stewed Lamb Brisket in Irish Style, Osso Bucco with Beef, Stewed Chicken in Red Wine Sauce, Stewed Veal in White Sauce, Stewed Beef Short Rib Strip with Red Wine etc.

金域假日酒店海鮮自助餐 / Yuletide & New Year’s Celebrations @ Bistro on the Mile & Osteria – Holiday Inn Golden Mile

Bistro on the Mile於這聖誕佳節特別預備了豐富的海鮮自助餐,自助晚餐美食包羅萬有,所供應的海鮮全部新鮮運到,包括美味的即開生蠔、色澤誘人的凍龍蝦、鮮味十足的凍蝦、人氣爆燈的日本長腳蟹及各種特式燒烤海鮮美食等,自助餐桌猶如海鮮迷的人間天堂,絕對可以讓人大快朵頤!另外,自助晚餐更有應節的聖誕燒火雞、蜜糖燒汁燒火腿、威靈頓牛柳、特色的西班牙海鮮飯,外脆內嫩的天婦羅蝦和炸軟殼蟹、鮮味濃郁的薑蔥炒龍蝦、豉汁龍利球、蟹粉海鮮扒豆腐、雙冬枝竹羊腩煲、燒豬手、蒜香燒羊鞍、日式大阪燒、滋味滿分的蒜蓉粉絲蒸扇貝、芝士焗龍蝦、用料十足的花膠燉雞湯及龍蝦湯等佳餚強勢列陣,再加上壓軸登場的節日特色聖誕甜品包括朱古力樹幹蛋糕、聖誕布甸、聖誕曲奇、德國聖誕果子麵包及鐵版炒果味冰卷伴Haagen Dazs雪糕,勢要來一次味覺的終極享受。Treat loved ones to Bistro on the Mile’s bountiful Christmas seafood buffet brimming with traditional holiday favourites, authentic flavours from around the world, and a generous selection of seafood including fresh oyster, half shell lobster, crab leg, cooked prawns, blue mussels and5 different types of sashimi, king prawn tempura as well as soups such as lobster bisqueand wok-fried lobster in ginger and spring onion, pan-fried duck foie gras, steamed scallop with black bean and garlic, Japanese grilled squid with teriyaki sauce, roasted pork knuckle, baked lobster thermidor and garlic roasted lamb saddle, delicious beef Wellington and roasted Turkeyfrom the Carving Station. Plus for those who have a sweet tooth, they can satisfy their cravings with incredibly tempting desserts. Four buffets will be featured including lunch, dinner, and late night, as well as a sumptuous afternoon tea. Osteria意大利餐廳今年均推出多款節日佳餚。

「蟹 ‧ 王 邂逅 秋色下午茶」 / Extra-orin-ary Crab Afternoon Tea @ Kitchen Savvy – Hotel Stage

由2019年11月1日起至2020年1月31日,「蟹‧王 邂逅 秋色下午茶」將於每天下午三時至六時在「廚意」供應。主廚楊國章和他的團隊巧妙地撮取了螃蟹和日本王林蘋果之精髓,製作了5款特色鹹點和4款甜點,為客人提供一個意想不到的味覺雙重享受。在即將換上暖暖毛衣的季節裡,可同時品嚐到螃蟹的鮮味和日本王林蘋果的清甜,實在是兩全其美。From 1 November 2019 – 31 January 2020, the “Extra-orin-ary Crab Afternoon Tea” set will be available at Kitchen Savvy daily from 3:00pm – 6:00pm. Head Chef Justin Yeung and his team have skillfully drawn out the essence of both ingredients and created an exquisite set of 5 savoury crab bites and 4 Orin-apple-filled desserts that offer guests a unique opportunity to taste the best of both worlds in the coming sweater weather.

片皮鴨晚市套餐 / Peking Duck Set Dinner Menu @ Above & Beyond – Hotel ICON

Peking Duck Set Dinner Menu
Marinated Cucumber and Jelly Fish with Minced Garlic,
Baked Whole Abalone Tart with Diced Chicken,
Crispy Five Spice Sliced Angus Beef Brisket
Hong Kong Style Peking Duck
Braised Vegetable Sprouts Soup with Crab Meat
Hot and Sour Soup with Seafood
Wok-fried Prawns in Chilli Sauce
Fried Rice with Diced Scallops, Crab Meat and Sakura Shrimps
Mango and Passion Fruit Choux served with 33% White Chocolate Cream

問月酒店悅目慶典節日饌頌 / Moonlicious Festive offerings @ Supergiant Tapas & Cocktail Bar – Mira Moon Hotel

由12月初起,Supergiant特別呈獻滋味滿載的3道菜節日午餐,垂涎美食包括烤鴨肉沙律、慢煮聖誕火雞及經典雜莓酥餅,以佳餚美饌預先迎接聖誕佳節,歡度悅滿12月!並於聖誕節享用滋味滿載的節慶午餐,節日美食包括慢煮聖誕火雞及黑朱古力布丁,迎接歡騰聖誕佳節!It’s never too early to celebrate Christmas! Tempt your taste bud with a gratifying 3-course festive set lunch from HK$168 per person, available from early December and enjoy a stack of signature delicacies including Roasted Duck Salad, Slow-cooked Christmas Turkey and Baked Mix Berry Crumble. And on Christmas, treat yourself to a gratifying festive set lunch and enjoy a stack of festive delicacies including Slow-cooked Christmas Turkey and Baked Dark Chocolate Pudding.

「鮑魚.海參.花膠」 自助晚餐 / “Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw” Dinner Buffet @ Harbour Restaurant – The Harbourview

灣景國際灣景廳於11 – 1月期間呈獻「鮑魚.海參.花膠」自助晚餐,採用優質的鮑魚、海參及花膠為主食材,以傳統烹調方法加入新派元素,演繹出一系列珍饈美饌,加上加拿大雪花蟹腳和新西蘭生蠔等海鮮源源不絕供應,造就一場體面潤燥的秋冬饗宴。To celebrate the golden season, our Executive Chef has specially picked the most exclusive Chinese ingredients − Abalone, Sea Cucumber, and Fish Maw − to craft exquisite and nourishing delicacies that delight your eyes and appetite. Further enriched with ample choices of briny seafood, fresh sashimi, succulent carving and colourful desserts, our lavish fall/winter buffet will be the ultimate indulgence for your palate.

「飛『粵』夢『功』場」自助晚餐 / “Fantasy of Kung Fu Culinary Arts” Dinner Buffet @ Centre Street Kitchen – Island Pacific Hotel

港島太平洋酒店餐廳將於2019年11月1日至2020年1月31日期間,推出「飛『粵』夢『功』場」自助晚餐,為饗客獻上精挑細選且工序繁複的傳統功夫菜,其中包括一品富貴鴨、古法煎釀鯪魚、蜜味金錢雞、懷舊春花卷、百花釀金錢、豉汁蟠龍鱔(逢星期五至日限量供應)、荔蓉鮑魚酥(每位乙客)等等。另供應多款賞心悅目的甜品,例如大良山渣炸脆奶、洛神花荔枝布甸、花旗參豆腐芝士餅、陳皮蛋撻、瑤柱冬菇慕絲蛋糕等,還有冰鎮海鮮及任食Häagen-Dazs雪糕,讓人捧腹而回!From 1 November 2019 to 31 January 2020, Centre Street Kitchen is featuring “Fantasy of Kung Fu Culinary Arts” dinner buffet, showcasing the exquisite traditional cooking technique. Indulge in dishes such as Baked Stuffed Duck, Traditional Pan-fried Stuffed Dace Fish, Baked Chicken Liver and Pork Rolls with Honey Sauce, Deep Fried Bean Curd Roll with Pork, Steamed Mushroom Stuffed with Minced Shrimp, Steamed Eel with Black Bean Sauce (available from Friday to Sunday), Baked Abalone Puff with Taro Crust (a complimentary serve for each guest) and also a selection of eye-catching desserts including Hawthorn Milk Fritters, Lychee Pudding with Hibiscus, Ginseng Tofu Cheesecake, Dried Tangerine Peel Egg Tart, Dried Scallop & Mushroom Mousse Cake and Häagen-Dazs ice-cream to round off a wonderful meal.

GODIVA朱古力節慶下午茶套餐 / GODIVA Chocolate Festival Afternoon Tea @ GREEN – Hotel ICON

酒店糕餅行政總廚何維城師傅(Danny Ho)悉心製作出一系列以冬日聖誕為主題的朱古力誘人甜點,當中包括薑餅人曲奇和傳統英式鬆餅等。除了可口的朱古力甜點外,此下午茶套餐另提供一系列令人垂涎的精緻鹹點,包括黑朱古力脆皮青胡椒鵝肝、嫩滑三文魚方粒配孜然香草醬等。另外,客人可自選自家製檸檬汁、意大利illy即磨咖啡或新加坡奢華茶葉品牌TWG Tea的醇茶,與三五知己在GREEN一同享受悠閒的午後時光。

大閘蟹美饌 / Hairy Crab Delicacies @ Hoi King Heen – InterContinental Grand Stanford

由10月21日至12月31日期間,酒店行政中菜總廚梁輝雄師傅將從江蘇寶應湖帶來享負盛名的大閘蟹,於海景軒隆重呈獻八款時令美饌,匯聚大閘蟹之精髓,為食客打造令人難忘的蟹味驚喜。From October 21 until December 31, Hoi King Heen will be serving up some of the seasons’ finest hairy crabs. Award-winning master chef Leung Fai Hung will present hairy crabs in eight different styles with crabs sourced from the Jiangsu Baoying Lake

秋日限定燕窩美饌 / Autumn with Exquisite Bird’s Nest Specials @ Above & Beyond – Hotel ICON

天外天中菜廳將與馳名本地品牌老行家由即日起至2019年12月31日攜手呈獻一系列燕窩佳餚、點心和甜點.特色點心包括官燕瑤柱松茸灌湯餃、官燕帶子蟹肉餃、官燕葡汁海皇撻和官燕金湯鮮蝦石榴球等等。Celebrate autumn in style at Above & Beyond with a range of alluring bird’s nest dishes, dim sum & desserts.Menu highlights include Pan-fried South Australian Scallop with Imperial Bird’s Nest, Crab Meat and Crab Roe extracted from live green crab and Wok-fried Lobster and Egg White with Imperial Bird’s Nest.