「鮑魚.海參.花膠」 自助晚餐 / “Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Fish Maw” Dinner Buffet @ Harbour Restaurant – The Harbourview

灣景國際灣景廳於11 – 1月期間呈獻「鮑魚.海參.花膠」自助晚餐,採用優質的鮑魚、海參及花膠為主食材,以傳統烹調方法加入新派元素,演繹出一系列珍饈美饌,加上加拿大雪花蟹腳和新西蘭生蠔等海鮮源源不絕供應,造就一場體面潤燥的秋冬饗宴。To celebrate the golden season, our Executive Chef has specially picked the most exclusive Chinese ingredients − Abalone, Sea Cucumber, and Fish Maw − to craft exquisite and nourishing delicacies that delight your eyes and appetite. Further enriched with ample choices of briny seafood, fresh sashimi, succulent carving and colourful desserts, our lavish fall/winter buffet will be the ultimate indulgence for your palate.

東京牛奶起司工房下午茶 / Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Afternoon Tea @ GREEN – Hotel ICON

The Market一向是香港最受歡迎的酒店自助餐餐廳之一。今年十二月,連續八年獲得「最佳自助餐廳」殊榮的The Market將於冬至、平安夜、聖誕夜、聖誕節翌日等佳節為食客準備琳瑯滿目的美饌,當中加入不少限時供應的特色亞洲菜和經典傳統的歐式節日美食,包括聖誕香烤火雞配栗子和蘋果餡以及由酒店糕餅行政總廚何維城師傅(Danny Ho)悉心製作的節日限定聖誕甜點,誠意推介有充滿冬日氣氛的聖誕布甸、聖誕果子批、傳統聖誕樹頭蛋糕以及意大利水果乾麵包等,款款皆讓人垂涎欲滴。於除夕及聖誕期間,客人可免費獲贈氣泡酒、生啤或果汁無限添飲。此外,The  Market亦推出了各款節日限定葡萄酒及聖誕限定雞尾酒,為食客送上昇華的自助餐體驗。於元旦當天惠顧自助早午餐,每位賓客更可享受氣泡酒、生啤、汽水和果汁無限添飲,藉此祝願客人在新一年能有燦爛的開始。Throughout the month of December, The Market presents heart and soul warming dishes from around the globe at its award-winning buffet, which has been heralded as “Hong Kong’s Best Buffet” for eight consecutive years.  With bountiful festive brunches and dinners in December and special celebrations for the Winter Solstice, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, there’s never been a more ideal time to dine at The Market! Diners lucky enough to nab a table will savour truly authentic sizzling Asian specialities, and traditional European holiday favourites like succulent, Oven-roasted Turkey with Tender Glazed Chestnuts and Apple Stuffing, along with seasonal desserts such as puddings, pies, Yule log cakes and Panettone, created by award-winning Executive Pastry Chef Danny Ho.  On New Year’s Eve and throughout the Christmas holidays, the buffet will include free-flowing sparkling wine, draught beer and juice plus the option of adding to the merriment with free-flowing festival wines and Christmas cocktails. On New Year’s Dayduringbrunch hours, free-flowing sparkling wine, draught beer, and soft drinks promise a sparkling start to 2020!

與摯愛體驗與別不同的節慶盛宴 / Celebrate the Festive Season with the Best [email protected] Café – Hyatt Regency Sha Tin

香港沙田凱悅酒店於12月期間推出多項餐飲優惠,包括【額外10% 折扣作交通費回贈】,讓賓客在都市綠洲享受一個難忘的聖誕佳節,迎接新一年的來臨。
於佳節與摯愛到咖啡廳享用節慶自助餐,其4個開放式廚房將繼續貫徹「即時烹調,新鮮制造」的理念,為賓客提供獨一無二的自助晚餐體驗。香港沙田凱悅酒店於12月期間推出多項餐飲優惠,包括【額外10% 折扣作交通費回贈】,讓賓客在都市綠洲享受一個難忘的聖誕佳節,迎接新一年的來臨。
於佳節與摯愛到咖啡廳享用節慶自助餐,其4個開放式廚房將繼續貫徹「即時烹調,新鮮制造」的理念,為賓客提供獨一無二的自助晚餐體驗。Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin wholeheartedly invites guests to enjoy a fantastic dining experience with fabulous food and beverage offers PLUS AN EXTRA 10% OFF THE BILL as transport fare rebate, which allows guests to travel with ease and celebrate the joyous season in an urban oasis.

精選環球冬日滋味/Nostalgic Celebrations @Garden Café – Conrad Hong Kong

時令秋收美食 / Taste of autumn @ Garden Café – Conrad Hong Kong,寧谷芝士輪意大利燉飯, 配上當造胡桃南瓜與即席刨上黑松露,成就滋味窩心的味覺享受, 其他亮點美食包括: 香煎鴨肝配香梨、蘋果焗海鮮及意式芝士焗蠔等。isotto with freshly shaved Black Truffle freshly made in Nicholini’s famed parmesan wheel and passing around delicacies including Seafood Casserole in Baked Apples, Baked Oyster Florentine and Pan-Seared Foie Gras

最「蠔」海鮮 X 「鹿兒島蕯摩和牛」聖誕自助晚餐 / “Oyster & Satsuma Wagyu Extravaganza” Christmas Dinner Buffet @ LIS Café – L’hotel Island South

LIS Café 今個冬季誠意為大家呈獻最「蠔」海鮮自助晚餐,每天源源送上多款不同的特色滋味蠔饌,當中包括芝士焗蠔、洋蔥煙肉焗美國蠔、芝士菠菜忌廉汁焗美國蠔、薑蔥美國蠔煲、大廚即製香煎蠔餅、蠔仔粥及砵酒焗蠔等。LIS Café is bringing all oysterholics with a scrumptious array of oyster delicacies this winter. Highlights include Oyster Florentine, Oyster Kilpatrick, Oyster Monroy, Wok-fried Oyster with Ginger and Scallions, Pan-fried Baby Oyster Cake, Baby Oyster Congee and Baked Oyster with Pork Wine.

一連兩天的聖誕盛宴,配特色甜品放題和2小時無限歡樂暢飲 / Two-Day Christmas Feast with Dessert Buffet and 2-Hour Free-Flow Drinks @ Kitchen Savvy – Hotel Stage

聖誕節午餐包含靈感來自意大利的三道菜式,其中有慢煮火雞沙律、紅菜頭醃煙三文魚作為前菜;另外還有肉質嫰滑的烤龍蝦尾脆包、釀燒日本豬排和慢火燴牛尾為主菜。為了在節日氣氛裡添上絲絲甜意,「廚意」主廚楊國章及廚師團隊創作了一系列的節日甜品,大家可以在聖誕前夕或聖誕當日任意品嚐琳琅滿目的精緻甜品放題,如大受歡迎的薑餅屋和聖誕樹檊蛋糕等。Highlights include options such as a slow-cooked turkey salad, a refreshing beetroot-cured smoked salmon as the starter; and a succulent grilled lobster tail bun, roast pork loin, slow-braised oxtail as the main. To sweeten up the palette, enjoy festive treats curated by our head chef – Chef Justin on Christmas Eve, or handpick favourites from a dessert buffet featuring a galore of traditional sweets, such as an iconic gingerbread house and a yule log cake on Christmas Day.  

Ruby’s聖誕限定美饌 / Christmas is just around the corner! @ Ruby Tuesday

為迎接聖誕佳節,Ruby Tuesday 已預備了不一樣的聖誕特色美食,讓您與家人及朋友共度聖誕歡樂時光,同時品嚐節日限定美饌。特色美食包括法式海鮮濃湯、Ruby’s Impossible™ 聖誕漢堡、火雞鎚、紅絲絨蛋糕以及多款飲品。額外聖誕禮遇即將推出,敬請期待!There’s nothing better than spending the holidays at Ruby Tuesday’s! This year, bring your friends, bring the Entire Family, BRING EVERYONE to Ruby’s for a great value – Fabulous Festive Feast that will fill your stomachs, and fill your hearts with festive cheer.

中西合璧聖誕自助大餐 / Embark on a Delicious Xmas Journey of East and West @ Island Pacific Hotel

除了多款冰鎮海鮮如波士頓龍蝦、鱈場蟹腳、翡翠螺、藍青口外,還供應傳統粵式功夫菜,包括古法煎釀鯪魚、蜜味金錢雞、春花卷、百花釀金錢、豉汁蟠龍鱔(逢星期五至日限量供應)、荔蓉鮑魚酥(每位乙客)等等。另外,大廚也預備了一系列琳琅滿目的節慶美食,例如口感豐富的慢燒富貴聖誕火雞、健康輕盈的威靈頓大啡菇素菜卷、濃厚惹味的蘋果木煙燻火雞豬肉批配白松露等,更有聖誕杏仁糖衣蛋糕、焗香橙生薑芝士蛋糕、宇治抹茶歌劇院蛋糕、抹茶蛋卷、黑松露3.6牛乳雪糕等甜品,揉合中西元素,為節日增添甜蜜氣氛。Delight in a scrumptious array of specialties including Seafood on Ice(Boston lobster, red king crab leg, whelk and blue mussel), Slow-roasted Asian Style Christmas Turkey, Portobello Mushroom Wellington, Apple Wood Smoked Turkey and Pork Terrine with White Truffle. Other than the festive delicacies, enjoy traditional dishes such as Traditional Pan-fried Stuffed Dace Fish, Baked Chicken Liver and Pork Rolls with Honey Sauce, Deep Fried Bean Curd Roll with Pork, Steamed Mushroom Stuffed with Minced Shrimp, Steamed Eel with Black Bean Sauce (available every Friday to Sunday), Baked Abalone Puff with Taro Crust (one serving per person) and more! Top off this wonderful meal with a selection of mouth-watering desserts including Marzipan Christmas Cake, Baked Orange and Ginger Cheese Cake, Green Tea Opera Cake, Matcha Swiss Roll, and 3.6 Milk Truffle Ice Cream.

“蠔”食一番及巧手乳鴿 / Oyster and Pigeon Fever @ Loong Yuen – Holiday Inn Golden Mile

總廚特別推介的風味「蠔」菜式有外層脆脆甜甜的蜜餞煎金蠔、香脆鬆軟的翠盞酥炸桶蠔、砵酒焗生蠔、乾煏薑蔥生蠔煲、醬爆鴛鴦蠔、生菜包爆炒蠔崧、芝士焗釀石蠔、舞茸瑤柱蠔仔滑蛋、上湯鮮蠔方魚肉碎泡飯,還有別具特色的舞茸瑤柱蠔仔滑蛋   。是次推介的乳鴿菜式包括有酒香味美的「花雕醉乳鴿」、外脆內嫩的「脆皮紅燒乳鴿」、滋陰潤肺的「椰子百合瑤柱燉乳鴿湯」Embark on a gastronomic journey with the flavourful Chinese style oysters as Chef Bun sautees, bakes and stir-fries them into a seafood feast.

金域假日酒店海鮮自助餐 / Yuletide & New Year’s Celebrations @ Bistro on the Mile & Osteria – Holiday Inn Golden Mile

Bistro on the Mile於這聖誕佳節特別預備了豐富的海鮮自助餐,自助晚餐美食包羅萬有,所供應的海鮮全部新鮮運到,包括美味的即開生蠔、色澤誘人的凍龍蝦、鮮味十足的凍蝦、人氣爆燈的日本長腳蟹及各種特式燒烤海鮮美食等,自助餐桌猶如海鮮迷的人間天堂,絕對可以讓人大快朵頤!另外,自助晚餐更有應節的聖誕燒火雞、蜜糖燒汁燒火腿、威靈頓牛柳、特色的西班牙海鮮飯,外脆內嫩的天婦羅蝦和炸軟殼蟹、鮮味濃郁的薑蔥炒龍蝦、豉汁龍利球、蟹粉海鮮扒豆腐、雙冬枝竹羊腩煲、燒豬手、蒜香燒羊鞍、日式大阪燒、滋味滿分的蒜蓉粉絲蒸扇貝、芝士焗龍蝦、用料十足的花膠燉雞湯及龍蝦湯等佳餚強勢列陣,再加上壓軸登場的節日特色聖誕甜品包括朱古力樹幹蛋糕、聖誕布甸、聖誕曲奇、德國聖誕果子麵包及鐵版炒果味冰卷伴Haagen Dazs雪糕,勢要來一次味覺的終極享受。Treat loved ones to Bistro on the Mile’s bountiful Christmas seafood buffet brimming with traditional holiday favourites, authentic flavours from around the world, and a generous selection of seafood including fresh oyster, half shell lobster, crab leg, cooked prawns, blue mussels and5 different types of sashimi, king prawn tempura as well as soups such as lobster bisqueand wok-fried lobster in ginger and spring onion, pan-fried duck foie gras, steamed scallop with black bean and garlic, Japanese grilled squid with teriyaki sauce, roasted pork knuckle, baked lobster thermidor and garlic roasted lamb saddle, delicious beef Wellington and roasted Turkeyfrom the Carving Station. Plus for those who have a sweet tooth, they can satisfy their cravings with incredibly tempting desserts. Four buffets will be featured including lunch, dinner, and late night, as well as a sumptuous afternoon tea. Osteria意大利餐廳今年均推出多款節日佳餚。

品嚐頂級魚子醬配意式料理 / Iranian Caviar meets Italian High Cuisine @ Osteria – Holiday Inn Golden Mile

魚子醬被評為世界十大奢華美食之一,而伊朗出產的魚子醬,更可算是排行最高級的。今個十二月,Osteria帶給你最頂級的魚子醬菜式,配上精心烹調的意大利名菜。立即訂座,享受極致奢華的體驗。Caviar is among the top 10 luxury foods around the world, with Iranian caviar considered the most prized of them all. This December, Osteria is launching a luxurious Iranian caviar dinner menu, partnered with gastronomic Italian dishes. Place your bookings now, you are going to love it!