OKiBook 2017年8月“會員獨家優惠”高達5折+兒童免費 / August 2017 “members only” offers – up to 50% off and kids dine free!

Cafe on M, [email protected], Momo Cafe, Hari’s Bar, Brunch Club, Loong Yuen, Café Express, Avanti, L’Eau, Yamm, Osteria, Regal Court, and many more…

太子酒店 [email protected] 呈獻龍蝦尋味之旅自助晚餐 及繽紛鮮果下午茶自助餐 / Lobster Culinary Adventure and Fruit-tastic Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet @ [email protected] – Prince Hotel

The most anticipated lobster themed dinner buffet returns to [email protected] from 3 July to 30 September.

呈獻寰宇國際美食自助晚餐 印籍大廚炮製家鄉印度美食 / International Dinner Buffet with an Indian Twist at [email protected] – Prince Hotel

Enhancing the seafood buffet experience, diners will be able to savour an array of authentic Indian cuisines presented by our Indian master chef from 1 to 30 June 2017.

泰國美食巡禮自助晚餐 / Experience a Quintessential Thai Gastronomic Journey @[email protected] – Prince Hotel

[email protected]美食巡禮自助晚餐,每晚由泰廚親自炮製一系列傳統地道的泰式佳餚,帶您以味蕾遊走泰國。
[email protected] introduces its cheerful resident chef from Thailand by showcasing a Quintessential Thai Gastronomic Journey Dinner Buffet during April and May.

OKiBook 2017年2月“會員獨家優惠”高達6折/ February 2017 “members only” offers – up to 40% off!

Cafe Express, Loong Yuen, [email protected], Prompt, Umami, Nam Fong, PSI, AVA, Azure, Bistro on the Mile, Osteria, Salted Pig,Yamm , Brunch Club, Brunch Club & Supper

嘗日豐味自助晚餐 / Festival of Japanese Cuisine @ [email protected] – Prince Hotel

rom 5 January to 31 March 2017, embark on a culinary adventure to Japan with a festival of authentic Japanese flavours with Marco Polo Hotels – Hong Kong.

馬哥孛羅香港酒店 港威酒店 太子酒店 支持兒童癌病基金 呈獻歡慶聖誕傳揚愛 / A Thankful Christmas @ Marco Polo Hotels

In the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, Marco Polo Hongkong, Gateway and Prince Hotels jointly bring you a Thankful Christmas this holiday season.

2016聖誕早鳥優惠 / Xmas early birds deals 2016 – up to 30% off!

Café Rivoli, Tiffany Lounge, The Square, The Gazebo, Brunch Club, Alto 88, Café Express, AVA, Azure, Bistro on the Mile, Prompt, SkyCity Bistro, [email protected], Cucina

馬哥孛羅香港酒店 太子酒店 攜手呈獻 韓國真味自助晚餐 / Authentic Taste of Korea Dinner Buffet @ [email protected] – Prince Hotel

10月3日至11月20日期間,馬哥孛羅香港酒店及太子酒店將這股韓流分別帶到[email protected],除了呈獻傳統韓國美食外,亦特別加入新派韓食元素,帶領賓客以味覺遊走古今韓國,享受一頓豐富的韓式盛宴。
From 3 October to 20 November 2016, Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel and Prince Hotel are pleased to present an authentic Taste of Korea gastronomic showcase.

[email protected] 呈獻香栗下午茶自助餐 / Charming Chestnut Afternoon-Tea Buffet @ [email protected] – Prince Hotel

At weekends, [email protected] indulges dessert cravings with a magnificent Chestnut-themed afternoon tea buffet on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.