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「冬日滋補」自助晚餐 / Nourishing Winter Dinner Buffet @ Café Circles – L’hotel Nina Et Convention Centre

廚師搜羅多款精彩食材,一系列中式烹調以藥膳入饌 – 荷香杞子蒸雞、藥膳東坡肉、麒麟杞子蒸斑腩皆令人垂涎。而多國美食又豈能缺席?廚師團隊嚴選多款烹調秘法,復刻經典暖身名菜,如愛爾蘭燴羊肉、意式燴牛膝、法式紅酒雞、白汁燴牛仔肉、酒香燴牛肋條,每一口熱燙美味都恍如帶你置身各國名城,讓這個秋冬更有暖意詩意。Chinese cuisine with mild medical value – Steamed Chicken with Goji in Lotus Leaf, Braised Pork Belly with Herbs, Steamed Garoupa Slice with Yunnan Ham, Black Mushroom and Goji etc. Looking for something in Western style? Indulge in the classic Western dishes such as Stewed Lamb Brisket in Irish Style, Osso Bucco with Beef, Stewed Chicken in Red Wine Sauce, Stewed Veal in White Sauce, Stewed Beef Short Rib Strip with Red Wine etc.