Christmas Season @ MoMo Café – Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong

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Santa Claus is coming to town! 十二月是一個普天同慶的月份,非常適合與你的摯愛一起度過。如果你在尋找一個合適的地點,在香港萬怡酒店的Momo Café將會是你的不二之選,你將應該放它在你的最愛中。我們餐廳將會提供不同的應節食品,例如:聖誕燒火雞,聖誕布丁,聖誕樹頭蛋糕,聖誕曲奇等等。除此以外,餐廳亦有提供許多國際的菜色,一定會找到合你口味的款式!例如:波士頓龍蝦,雜錦刺身,燒鮑魚,迷你和牛漢堡, 竹籠篜海鮮等,包羅萬有!保證能夠與你的摯愛共度難忘時光!

12月23號: 自助餐成:HK$198 / 自助餐兒童:HK$158 / 自助餐長者:HK$178
12月24/25/26號 (第1場:早上11點15分至下午1點15分 / 第2場:下午1點30分至3點30分): 自助餐成:HK$228 / 自助餐兒童:HK$168 / 自助餐長者:HK$198
12月31號: 自助餐成:HK$198 / 自助餐兒童:HK$158

12月23/26號: 自助餐成:HK$528 / 自助餐兒童:HK$328 / 自助餐長者:HK$398
第1場:晚上5點30分至7點45分: 自助餐成人價錢及長者價錢:HK$588 / 自助餐兒童:HK$358 / 自助餐長者:HK$458
第2場:晚上8點15分至10點30分: 自助餐成人價錢及長者價錢:HK$528 / 自助餐兒童:HK$328 / 自助餐長者:HK$428



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Santa Claus is coming to town! December is a joyful and merry month, which is perfect to spend time with your beloved ones. If you are looking for a place, Momo Café in Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong should not be missed out in your favorite list. We do offer different festive food such as traditional whole turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas Chocolate Yule Log, Christmas cookies, etc. Apart from these, you will also find many international foods that you are craving for, including Boston Lobster, assorted sashimi, grilled abalone, mini beef burger, steamed catch of the day. You just name it! 

23 Dec: HK198 (Adult buffet) / HK$158 (Child buffet) / HK$178 (Senior buffet)
24/25/26 Dec (1st round: 11:15am – 1:15pm / 2nd round: 1:30pm – 3:30pm):HK$228 (Adult buffet) / HK$168 (Child buffet)/HK$198 (Senior buffet)
31 Dec: HK198 (Adult buffet) / HK$158 (Child buffet) / HK$178 (Senior buffet)

23/26 Dec: HK528 (Adult buffet) / HK$328 (Child buffet) / HK$398 (Senior buffet)
24/25/31 Dec:
1st round: 5:30pm – 7:45pm: HK$588 (Adult buffet) / HK$358 (Child buffet) / HK$458 (Senior buffet)
2nd round: 8:15pm – 10:30pm): HK$528 (Adult buffet) / HK$328 (Child buffet) / HK$428 (Senior buffet)

24/25/26/31 Dec: Full pre-payment (non-refundable) required in order to confirm booking. The restaurant will contact guests for collecting the payment.
24/25/26/31 Dec Lunch: 25% early bird discount.
24/25/26/31 Dec Dinner: 40% early bird discount.


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