鵝肝生蠔盛宴 / Oysters & Foie Gras Buffet Feast @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

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細滑豐腴的鵝肝與鮮嫩甜美的生蠔將進駐Yamm 自助餐殿堂, 並攜手為饕客炮製出多款惹人垂涎的美饌,從海鮮鵝肝生蠔丼飯、新鮮鵝肝生蠔配日本廣島縣雞蛋、炙燒鵝肝壽司至燒生蠔配西班牙辣肉腸牛油,為您呈獻滋味滿載的饕宴!餐廳每晚更以3款即開時令生蠔,令喜愛嚐鮮的味蕾情迷不已!


星期一至四:HK$668成人 / HK$398小童
星期五至日:HK$718成人 / HK$428小童




Yamm 將於九月至十月期間,為品味食饕將豐腴綿密的鵝肝及爽脆柔滑的生蠔幻化為多款中西滋味,讓香濃滋味及鮮甜的海洋氣息進佔您的味蕾!



  • 波士頓龍蝦
  • 即開時令生蠔 ﹝3款﹞
  • 炙燒鵝肝壽司
  • 鵝肝海鮮生蠔蟹子丼飯
  • 鵝肝生蠔炒日本廣島縣雞蛋
  • 自家制鵝肝薯仔班戟配黑松露忌廉汁
  • 烤生蠔配西班牙辣香腸牛油
  • 鵝肝醬生蠔窩夫脆筒
  • 薑蔥炒美國生蠔



Yamm豐盛自助餐宴帶來的悠然滿足,由深受歡迎的甜品專區,把味覺體驗提昇至更動人心弦的層次。每晚供應的經典Mira 意式芝士餅,即場製作芳香窩夫伴雪糕,惹人垂涎的抹茶朱古力噴泉,都讓人一試難忘!


  • Fluffy: 日式紫薯海綿芝士蛋糕
  • Texture: Baileys 咖啡與北海道牛乳二重奏
  • So French: 檸檬慕絲配法國忌廉乳酪
  • Ciao-Ciao: 有機白朱古力軟芝士蛋糕
  • Oishii: 日本芝士撻

Yamm The Mira Hong Kong - OKiBook Hong Kong - Restaurants, Buffet, Booking, Reviews Deals, Discounts, Dining Promotions 香港,餐廳及預訂,自助餐, 評價,折扣,優惠, 餐飲促銷

Creamy foie gras and decadent oysters reign supreme at Yamm, which spreads a range of mouth-watering specials from a seafood rice bowl with foie gras, to sautéed Hokkaido eggs with oysters and foie gras, blow-torched foie gras sushi, and grilled oysters with chorizo butter. For purists, 3 types of jet-fresh shellfish will be shucked nightly!

Available from 1 Sep – 15 Nov, from 6:30pm till 10pm.

Mon – Thu: HK$668 (Adult) HK$398 (Child; 3-11 years)
Fri – Sun: HK$718 (Adult) HK$428 (Child; 3-11 years)

All prices are subject to a 10% service charge. 

Freshly shucked oysters in unlimited quantities and pan-fried foie gras are some of Yamm’s signature items available year-round.

These two months indulge in a new array of culinary delights on a dinner buffet celebrating two of the most desired foods all buffet lovers constantly obsess about: oysters and foie gras, reportedly a favourite meal of Christian Dior himself.

Creatively incorporated into Asian and Western dishes, from sushi to rice bowls and pancakes with truffled cream, these are some of the recommendation no respectable foodie would pass by:

Chef’s Picks:

  • Steamed Boston Lobster
  • 3 Types of Freshly Shucked Seasonal Oysters
  • Blow Torched Foie Gras Sushi
  • Yamm Don with Foie Gras, Oyster & Seafood on Crab Roe Sushi Rice
  • Sautéed Hisroshima Eggs with Oysters & Foie Gras
  • Pan Fried Homemade Potato Pancake with Foie Gras with Black Truffle Cream Sauce
  • Grilled Oysters with Chorizo Butter
  • Foie Gras & Crumbled Oyster in Waffle Cones
  • Stir-fried US Oysters with Ginger & Scallions

Plus, every dinner buffet spread at Yamm features a choice of pan-Asian hot dishes prepared at our live cooking stations, international cheese & cold cuts and divine desserts complete with our signature matcha green tea chocolate fountain with seasonal strawberries and giant marshmallows!

#SayCheese Every Weekend!

No meal is complete without a sweet ending and Yamm is famed for its gorgeous pastries including signature Mira Tiramisu, a live station of homemade waffles with ice-cream, and matcha chocolate fountain available every night!

On top of that, on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night you may enjoy a dedicated corner of creative, modern cheese cakes with an Asian twist created by our Pastry Chefs, from fluffy Japanese to thick and creamy French cakes that will put an extra smile on your face!

  • Fluffy: Japanese Cotton Cheesecake & Sweet Potato
  • Texture: of Coffee-Baileys Hokkaido Double Fromage Cake
  • So French: Fromage Blanc et Citron (French creamy yogurt & lemon curd)
  • Ciao-Ciao: Organic Milk Chocolate Ricotta Cheese Cake
  • Oishii: Japanese Cheese Tart

Yamm The Mira Hong Kong - Cheesecake corner - OKiBook

Yamm The Mira Hong Kong - OKiBook Hong Kong - Restaurants, Buffet, Booking, Reviews Deals, Discounts, Dining Promotions 香港,餐廳及預訂,自助餐, 評價,折扣,優惠, 餐飲促銷


OKiBook Hong Kong - Restaurant & Buffet Booking Reviews Discounts Promotions - OKiBook香港,餐廳及自助餐預訂, 評價,折扣,優惠


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