隆堡麗景酒店「AVA Restaurant Slash Bar」 新任意籍行政總廚Alberto Boccelli / Hotel Panorama by Rhombus welcomes Executive Chef Alberto Boccelli to AVA Restaurant Slash Bar


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隆堡麗景酒店的AVA Restaurant Slash Bar歡迎全新意籍行政總廚Alberto Boccelli,帶來全新多元化意式滋味,呈獻城中獨一無二的餐飲體驗。

Alberto Boccelli  於意大利出生及成長,自小便受母親的影響而對烹飪產生濃厚的興趣,積極鑽研烹飪的無限可能,創作出獨一無二的自家味道。他擁有超過25年烹飪經驗,於五星級意大利米蘭威斯汀皇宮酒店的Casanova餐廳開展事業,其後於多家意大利、美國及英國的酒店或餐廳工作,他精湛又富熱誠的入廚經驗帶領他於2006年來到璀燦繁榮的香港。他擅長以簡約、創新的烹調手法,配上世界各地新鮮時令食材,以及意大利大小城鎮的特色風味,製作出令人難以忘懷的星級菜式,與一眾餮饕味遊意國。















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AVA Restaurant Slash Bar of Hotel Panorama by Rhombus, has recently appointed Executive Chef Alberto Boccelli from Italy to create a diverse and unique Italian dining experience to gourmet lovers in town.

Bringing over 25 years of experience to AVA’s kitchen, Chef Alberto crafts signature delicacies with authentic Italian flavours. Born and raised in Italy, Chef Alberto developed his interest in cooking under the influence of his mother. He started his career in Casanova Restaurant in The Westin Palace, a prestigious 5-star hotel in Milan, then advanced his ranks via roles at various noted restaurants in Italy, U.K. and U.S. He moved to Hong Kong in 2006, where he continued to impress diners with his expertise and passion in this multicultural food paradise. Incorporating world’s finest ingredients, the Italian Gastronomy Journey is a reflection of his culinary philosophy: creativity in simplicity.

Highlighted Dishes: Hokkaido Sea Scallop Carpaccio, Grilled Octopus, Arborio Risotto with Lobster, Shaved Black Truffle Tagliolini, Roasted Cod Fish and Hot & Cold Tiramisu.

Hokkaido Sea Scallop Carpaccio

First comes a colourful appetiser made with seasonal Hokkaido sea scallops that were handpicked by Chef.  The carpaccio is refreshingly sweet with a silky and delicate texture. Together with asparagus salad and black truffle dressing, it makes the perfect dish to start the meal.

Grilled Octopus

Another great choice of starter would be the Grilled Octopus, which is served with bell pepper, crunchy fennel, orange and bottarga. The Spanish octopus is first slow-cooked and then slightly grilled on two sides, making it chewy yet tender.

Arborio Risotto with Lobster

Risotto is a traditional cuisine in northern Italy, which serves as an essential element of the Milanese food culture. Chef chooses the classic Arborio risotto rice and cooks it with shelled lobster and broth. Fully absorbing the lobster essence, the cohesively creamy risotto is then topped with luxurious caviar and burrata cheese. Diners will definitely be tantalised by its delicious aroma and rich texture.

Shaved Black Truffle Tagliolini

The chewy and elastic tagliolini is cooked with Nduja, a cured spicy spreadable salume originated from Calabria. The tingling spiciness will take your taste buds on a tour to the enthusiastic Italian peninsula. The dish is decorated with shaved black truffle from France, creating a glamourous visual presentation.

Roasted Cod Fish

Experience the true taste of Italy with this perfect crispy-skinned Spanish cod fish. Accompanied by artichokes in Romana style and fresh shellfish foam, the flavour of cod fish is taken to a whole new level.

Hot & Cold Tiramisu

Chef puts a modern twist to the traditional Italian dessert, Tiramisu, where a layer of warm espresso foam is added to the top of the cold custard cake. It is creamy, rich and bursting with bold coffee aroma. This unique recipe is inspired by the flavours of Chef’s hometown, making it a sweet and heart-warming homemade dessert.

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