滿福樓首度呈獻北美洲西岸登爵尼斯「蟹逅盛宴」 / Dungeness Crab Indulgence @ Dynasty – Renaissance Harbour View



花雕蛋白蒸蟹 – 這是廣東菜中的傳統菜式,烹調時需準繩地拿捏火候,方能令蒸蟹及蛋白完全熟透。食客會發現蟹的鮮甜味道跟陳釀25年的古月龍山花雕酒的香氣完美地配合,當然亦不可錯過滑溜的蛋白其散發著的淡淡酒香,口味豐富濃郁。

香炸蟹配白酒汁 – 孫錦勝師傅別具心思,憑趣意的中西合璧概念巧妙地把中式蟹的菜式完美配搭白酒汁。口感細膩幼滑的白酒汁融合爽脆而且鮮嫰多汁的香炸蟹中,醬汁以白酒、乾蔥、忌廉及蕃茜調製,客人味蕾的新鮮感即時提升。


潮式凍蟹 – 作為中國菜中深受歡迎的冷盤,登爵尼斯蟹以潮式烹調更能帶出肉質鮮甜美味之感。這菜式特意製作3種不同種類的醋,包括意大利黑醋、淅江醋及熏蹄醋讓食客隨意選出自己喜歡的酸度蘸來品嚐。這款令人垂涎的菜餚帶出登爵尼斯蟹的天然咸鮮味,最適合在炎炎的夏天提升食慾。

青胡椒焗蟹 – 這道菜式融入了中國和地道東南亞菜式的精髓。廚師團隊先用鑊把新鮮的青胡椒炒香,然後將蟹、香辣調味料與紅椒一起煮熟。來自泰國的青胡椒是廣東菜式中絕少採用的味道配料。行政總廚孫師傅重點推薦這道菜式,期望為講究的食客帶來與別不同的驚喜。


普寧豆醬蒸蟹 – 普寧豆醬是傳統潮州菜式中典型的調味料。味道咸鮮的普寧豆醬讓肥美的蟹脂肪均勻地散佈,其鮮味帶動味蕾的回甘享受。菜式更加入陳村粉蒸煮而成,鮮味的蟹及醬料中的精華發揮得淋漓盡致,令饕客一試難忘。

海鮮湯花蛤煮蟹 – 這是孫錦勝師傅喜愛的菜餚之一。鮮甜濃郁的海鮮湯中包括蝦、花蛤等各種上乘海鮮食材。登爵尼斯蟹充份吸收濃湯的豐富精華,令蟹肉的鮮味提升到更高層次。


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Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy light, fresh, and flavorful seafood! Dungeness crab is famous for its succulent and sweet taste. Discerning diners can savour our six new North American West Coast Dungeness crab delicacies created by our Executive Chef Suen Kam Sing at Dynasty to tantalize their taste buds with excitement this summer!

Explore Chinese and Western Wine-inspired Crab Delicacies

Steamed Dungeness crab with egg white in Huadiao wine – This traditional dish requires much attention from our chef to fully control the temperature for a well- balanced steamed crab with egg white, where you can indulge in the rich flavour of the crab meat infused with a touch of the 25-year Huadiao wine. Don’t miss the steamed egg white beneath that has absorbed the sweetness of the crab and the aromatic Huadiao wine.

Deep fried Dungeness crab flavoured with white wine sauce – Executive Chef Suen has an intriguing idea to elevate the flavours of a mix and match of Chinese crab dish with white wine sauce. Inspired by an “East-meets-West” combination, the deep fried Dungeness crab matches well with the buttery white wine sauce made with white wine, shallots, whipping cream and parsley. This is a must try dish for those who enjoy creamy and rich flavours.

Savour Light Dungeness Crab Dishes

Cold Dungeness crab in Chaozhou style – Being a popular cold signature dish in Chinese cuisine, the Chaozhou style crab aims to showcase the genuine sweet taste of the meat. Three signature vinegar dipping sauces are created for guest pairing, including Balsamic Vinegar, Black Rice Vinegar and Garlic Vinegar. The dipping sauces bring out the indigenous flavour of Dungeness crab in different ways. It is a delightful dish to cool down your sizzling summer.

Baked Dungeness crab in shell with pepper – This dish is inspired by Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines. Our chef crafts this delicacy by wok-fried crab with fresh green peppers, shallot, red bell pepper and some chili spices. Green pepper from Thailand is an unusual ingredient that is seldom used in Cantonese cuisine. Recommended by Chef Suen, guests will be surprised by the tingling spicy notes on the palate that matches so well with the crab.

Crave for Umami Crab Flavours

Steamed Dungeness crab in bean paste sauce – Chinese black bean paste sauce is an authentic Chaozhou dish condiment for steamed dishes. The slightly salty black bean paste sauce helps to bring out the fatty flavour of the Dungeness crab meat and elevate an umami after taste. You will also be immensely satisfied by enjoying the soft rice noodles beneath the steamed crab with all the essence from the crab and bean paste sauce.

Poached Dungeness crab with fresh clams in home made seafood soup – It is one of chef Suen’s favourite dishes. The delicious seafood soup is made from various seafood including shrimps and clams. The Dungeness crab has absorbed all the richness from the broth and enhanced the sweetness of the meat.

The promotion will last from 3 July to 27 August 2017. Dynasty welcomes guests to come and enjoy Dungeness crabs with family and friends. The serving size per Dungeness crab is for 4-5 guests. It is priced at HK$900 per dish. Come and explore the exclusive flavours at Dynasty!

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