太子酒店 [email protected] 呈獻龍蝦尋味之旅自助晚餐 及繽紛鮮果下午茶自助餐 / Lobster Culinary Adventure and Fruit-tastic Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet @ [email protected] – Prince Hotel

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最令人期待的龍蝦主題自助晚餐將於7月3日至9月30日期間載譽歸來!來自泰國、印度及香港的[email protected]廚師團隊以亞洲風味演繹新鮮龍蝦,為您帶來一趟精彩的龍蝦尋味之旅。糕點餅廚同時於夏天週末準備了充滿活力的繽紛鮮果下午茶自助餐,與大家共度炎炎夏日。


新鮮龍蝦由各地烹飪人才精心炮製,每晚分別以日式、中式、泰式及印式等東南亞風格演繹,迎合不同食客口味。前菜日式龍蝦蟹柳沙律 將鮮嫩的龍蝦與蟹肉及蔬菜混合,清新怡人。香港大廚代表以極具鑊氣的炒龍蝦作賣點,包括以京蔥、青蔥及洋蔥爆香的三蔥炒龍蝦、香濃惹味的老干媽豉椒炒龍蝦 及略帶微辣的黑椒炒龍蝦,每晚輪流供應。廚師亦特別加入於馬來西亞和印尼很受歡迎的參巴辣醬,創作巴醬青豆炒龍蝦,香辣刺激。其他龍蝦主菜包括上湯龍蝦烏冬上湯龍蝦伊麵 龍蝦蟹柳炒飯 等。


駐店的[email protected]的泰籍及印籍大廚運用當地的天然香料,創作香氣四溢和色彩繽紛的龍蝦美食。招牌泰式龍蝦冬蔭功湯 將彈牙的波士頓龍蝦肉混入十多種香料熬製湯底,味道既濃且香辣。其他推介包括充滿泰國風味的泰式辣椒膏炒龍蝦泰式羅勒葉炒龍蝦泰式龍蝦炒粉絲印式黃咖哩龍蝦


龍蝦尋味之旅以驚喜美點作總結,由[email protected]餅廚團隊發掘龍蝦的另類魅力,將龍蝦肉加入甜點之中,創意無限。推介包括龍蝦焦糖燉蛋龍蝦香檳啫喱


踏入盛夏,[email protected]於7月1日至9月30日期間之週末推出一系列以時令鮮果創製的繽紛美點,生氣十足。雜莓沙巴翁草莓蛋糕提子白酒啫喱 等款款賣相吸引,滿足視覺享受之餘同時補充維他命。配合由餅廚即席炮製的窩夫瑞士Mövenpick雪糕,讓您以甜蜜美滿的週末度過炎夏。



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The most anticipated lobster themed dinner buffet returns to [email protected] from 3 July to 30 September. [email protected]’s master chefs from Thailand, India and Hong Kong take guests on an indulgent gourmet adventure as they serve up a selection of enticing lobster specialties in a variety of Asian styles. From 1 July to 30 September, [email protected]’s talented pastry team is also preparing a refreshing Fruit-tastic Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet filled with whimsical treats and feel-good vitamins.

Lobsters in Asian Style

Exquisite Boston lobsters will be cooked in a variety of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Southeast Asian styles. Sweet and tender lobster features alongside fresh crab meat in the refreshing appetiser Lobster, crab meat and cucumber Japanese salad. Local chefs masterfully present an array of Chinese stir-fry lobster dishes on daily rotation, including Wok-fried lobsters with onion and leek, Laoganma-style stir-fried lobster with black beans and Wok-fried lobster with Chinese leek and black pepper. SambaI chili paste, which is popular in Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine, is also added to create tantalising Spicy sambaI stir-fried lobster. Braised lobsters with Japanese udon, Chinese e-fu noodle with lobster and Fried rice with crab meat and lobster are among the many other delectable mains to try.

Exotic Thai and Indian Flavours

Thai and Indian resident chefs use natural, native spices to create deliciously aromatic and colourful lobster delicacies. The signature Tom yum kung with lobster, infused with more than 10 different herbs and spices, is brought to a new level of umami flavour with the addition of jet-fresh Boston lobster. Stir-fried lobster with Thai chili paste and Wok-fried lobster with Thai basil add an exotic dimension with homemade sauce and Thai herbs to complement the tender Boston lobster. Other recommendations include Stir-fried lobster with vermicelli in Thai style and Yellow curry lobster.  Lobster Sweet TreatsCap off the lobster adventure with creative lobster desserts. Talented pastry chefs explore the surprisingly delicious possibilities of lobster sweet treats, such as Lobster crème brulee and Lobster and champagne jelly.

Fruit-tastic Weekend Afternoon Tea Buffet

Refresh your weekend with a Fruit-tastic Afternoon Tea Buffet this summer. [email protected] presents an array of vitamin-packed, fruity teatime treats each weekend from 1 July to 30 September, including Mixed berries sabayon, Strawberry short cake and White wine jelly with grapes. In addition to the fruit delights, diners will be treated to a revolving line-up of fresh Waffles cooked to order and Swiss premium Mövenpick ice cream in a multitude of flavours.

Special Kids Eat Free Offers:

In celebrations of summer time, children aged 10 or below are entitled to a complimentary lunch, afternoon tea or dinner buffet when companied by 2 adult paying guests from 1 July to 30 September.

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