Shore 踏入六周年誌慶 呈獻「頂級牛扒大對決」限定菜單 / The Return of the Great Steak Debate @ Shore

位於中環的高級扒房 Shore 自 2010 年開業以來,一直為食客呈獻多款頂級牛扒和精緻美食。於十月,餐廳即將踏入六周年誌慶,特別推出「頂級牛扒大對決」(Great Steak Debate) 限定菜單,精選一系列優質牛扒,配以自選頭盤和甜點,於 10 月 12 日至 12 月 12 期間供應。餐廳同時於十月期間推出餐飲優惠,讓一眾牛扒愛好者大飽口福。



第一回合由 10 月 12 日開始,分別精選「日本宮崎和牛肉眼」「澳洲和牛肉眼」兩款牛扒,讓客人比較兩個和牛品種的不同之處。前者油花均稱,入口脂香四溢,油花於口中慢慢溶化,甘香豐胦;後者同樣油花豐富,肉質嫩滑肥美,肉味與油香兼備。

10 31起為第二回合,是乾式熟成牛扒和濕式熟成牛扒的對決,選以 USDA 肉眼,於餐廳的自家熟成櫃內以兩種熟成方式處理,透過控制牛扒的溫度與濕度,熟成出風味一流的牛扒。兩種處理方法各有好處,乾式熟成能軟化牛扒肉質,同時保留其濃郁肉味;而經濕式熟成後的牛扒,口感軟腍,肉汁亦特別豐富。隨牛扒另奉上阿拉斯加皇帝蟹腳,讓客人嘗盡海陸滋味。

最後一個回合由 11 21 開始,是草飼牛扒比拼穀飼牛扒。今次選用的部位為牛柳,草飼牛扒脂肪較少,肉質偏精瘦,口感細緻;相反,穀飼牛扒脂肪則較多,帶少許油花,肉質相對較柔軟。

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It has been 6 happy-memory filled years since Shore opened its doors to a welcoming crowd of party lovers and steak afficianados. Known for its outstanding bar, beautiful outdoor terrace and award-winning steaks, the 2-floor venue on Queen’s Road in Central is celebrating the anniversary by bringing back the Great Steak Debate, and offering a fabulous Birthday Deal for October.

“Defining the motion…”

Launching on October 12, the Great Steak Debate is a side-by-side, test-your-tastebuds comparison of steaks based on their provenance, style of ageing or diet. Designed as a set menu to share, the 3-course menus begin with a rotating selection of appetisers, followed by two steaks to debate together with sides and sauces, and ending with a signature steakhouse-style dessert.

The sizzling series of 3 debates, each running for 3 weeks, start with the famous Wagyu breed. Using M4-graded beef from Japan and Australia, the question showcased is “Are They Doing It Better Down Under?” Put aside national pride and let your palate be the judge!

The second debate, starting October 31, pits dry-aged beef vs wet-aged beef in a surf’n’turf style, featuring USDA beef and everyone’s favourite full-of-flavour cut, the rib-eye, paired with Alaskan king crab legs. Using special fridges that control humidity and temperature, Shore has been dry-ageing its own beef since the inauguration, resulting in cuts with a deep, nutty flavour. But is it better when beef has that characteristic blue-cheese bite of age?

Leading into the festive season, the last of the debates start on November 21, measuring grass-fed beef against grain-fed beef. Using the succulent tenderloin, guests are invited to taste the subtle differences that grass and grain make to the flavour of beef, especially when the cut is lean.

Set at the Happy Birthday price of $448 (+10% S.C.) per person, each 3-course menu is available for a minimum of two people.

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