Cucina隆重呈獻 - 意「魅」野菌之王 / Cucina Stages the King of Mushrooms – Porcini

秋天是野菌的當造期,位於馬哥孛羅香港酒店的意大利餐廳Cucina,於2016年9月17日至10月16日推出 意「魅」野菌之王盛宴,Cucina意籍總廚Andrea Delzanno精挑有「野菌之王」美譽的意大利牛肝菌,以傳統意式烹調手法炮製了7款野菌菜式,讓賓客於璀璨維港景色下細嘗美食佳餚。


生牛肉薄片配火箭菜沙律、牛肝菌巴馬臣芝士 (港幣298),是Andrea家鄉皮埃蒙特的傳統菜式。牛肝菌薄薄切片後以檸檬汁及牛肝菌橄欖油調味,入口清新爽口,讓賓客品嚐牛肝菌最原始的味道。和牛配牛肝菌意大利闊條麵 (港幣408) 是Andrea的重點推介,味道濃郁的牛肝菌配上意大利麵,是經典的意國菜式。他表示闊條麵是由人手以意大利進口的雞蛋炮製,味道特別濃郁,雞蛋的芳香配上肉質嫩滑的和牛,味道與肉厚多汁的牛肝菌非常匹配,每一口均令人陶醉。

此外,焗阿拉斯加黑鱈魚配蝦及牛肝菌汁 (港幣398) 是Andrea的創新菜式,阿拉斯加黑鱈魚含豐富蛋白質及Omega-3 ,肉質幼滑多汁兼香味濃郁,配上香氣馥郁的牛肝菌及新鮮爽口的蝦球,是舌尖的最佳享受。

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This autumn, Italian Chef de Cuisine Andrea Delzanno invites you to indulge in the seasonal theme of Porcini, with a limited-time Wild Porcini Mushroom Menu accompanied by views of Victoria Harbour. Known for its hearty, nutty taste, porcini mushrooms are a delicious addition to many dishes. Their high protein content also makes for a great meat substitute packed with vitamins.

Chef Andrea has prepared seven Italian dishes that incorporate this seasonal ingredient for a sublime dining experience. Amongst the starters is the Beef carpaccio with rocket salad, raw porcini mushrooms and parmesan (HK$298) – filled with the freshness of the earth, this is an ideal appetiser for a grand feast and is also a satisfying light lunch on its own. Handmade fettuccine with wagyu beef and porcini mushrooms (HK$408) presents the perfect combination of a hearty home-cooked meal with the modern class of a pure Italian restaurant. For a contemporary twist on the classic fungi dish, try the delicate Baked Alaskan black cod fillet with porcini mushroom sauce and shrimps (HK$398).

Cucina invites you to indulge in the seasonal Wild Porcini Mushroom Menu. Available from 17 September to 16 October 2016, the menu is offered during both lunch and dinner against the sparkling backdrop of Victoria Harbour.

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