海景午餐套餐 / Harborview Set Lunch @ AVA – Hotel Panorama

Upgrade your lunch experience – Add HK$100 to enjoy our specialties, includes US Beef Rib Eye or Half Lobster Spaghetti
or Assorted Seafood Platter.

「花醉情迷」情人節自助晚餐/Let love flourish at the Valentine’s Day Dinner @ Harbour Restaurant – The Harbourview

今個情人節,愛的空氣將瀰漫於灣景廳「花醉情迷」情人節餐飲體驗中,從馥郁的美饌為您傳情達意,讓您與愛侶陶醉於幸福的時光。Surrender your senses to seductive dishes such as Fresh Abalone Teppanyaki (one serving per patron), U.S. Oysters and Edible Crabs on ice, and Slow-roasted U.S. Beef Prime Rib in addition to the Iberico Pork and Scallop delicacies highlighted with a floral touch. A box with a preserved flower will be given to you and your loved one (one flower box is worth $200; a max. of 3 boxes per table).

Yamm戀戀和風海鮮盛宴/ Valentine’s Day Buffet @ Yamm – The Mira Hong Kong

新鮮曰本刺身﹝吞拿魚, 鱆紅魚, 油甘魚, 北寄貝, 帶子, 三文魚, 八爪魚﹞即製精選手握壽司即製香葱海膽吞拿魚蓉紫菜壽司火焰醬油穴子串脆炸墨魚汁廣島生蠔
Fresh Carving Sashimi (Tuna, Kanpachi, Amberjack, Hokkigai, Scallop, Salmon, Octopus)Omakase Nigiri Sushi Sea Urchin and Minced Fatty Tuna Sushi Rice with Spring Onion on SeaweedFlamed Fresh Eel Skewer with Ginger and Soya Gravy (Yakitori)

情人節晚市套餐Valentine’s day set [email protected] MENU – E-Max


2月14日情人節晚餐 價錢: 每位HK$178,於2月12號前訂座及繳付按金可享有8折優惠。另加一服務費以正價計算14 Feb (Dinner): 4-course valentine’s day set dinner would be served at $178 per person.

Full pre-payment (non-refundable) required in order to confirm booking. 20% early bird discount when deposit paid before 12 Feb. 10% service charge applies at original price.

情人節特別菜單/ Valentine’s Day special menu @ Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday 預備了一個情人節盛宴,讓您與伴侶或家人一起分享甜蜜。於2020年2月7日至16日期間甜蜜供應。What better way to dine with a loved one, your family or even a friend than to have us create a special menu to help you celebrate anytime from the 7-16 February 2020

冬日午市套餐/ Winter Express Set [email protected] Prompt Bistro – Le Méridien Cyberport



燒牛柳配薯蓉, 時令雜菜及黑椒汁
 Choose of salad with condiments

Roasted chicken liver and vegetable “julienne” salad, ginger bread croutons
Leek soup, topped lemon cream 
 Pumpkin “Wellington” cabbage sauce  
Lamb “Navarin” winth winter vegetable Or
Sea bream “Bordelaise” potato puree weeped with butter
Grilled Beef Tenderloin (Mashed potato, seasonal vegetable, black pepper sauce)

慶祝每一種愛/ Celebrates Love With Its (avec amour) Afternoon Tea @ Prompt Bistro – Le Méridien Cyberport

邱比特悄然降臨數碼港艾美酒店,透過(avec amour)主題的連串企劃,向賓客射出傾心一箭。法文avec amour意即「帶著愛」,然而愛不止一種,除了戀愛之情,還包括友情、親情、以至生命中每個重要時刻,和您珍惜的一切人和事,也代表一種值得紀念的愛。As we’ve entered the Winter season, what is better thanindulging yourself with some love? Le Méridien Cyberport presents its new (avec amour) Afternoon Tea Set. “Avec Amour” meaning “with love” in French, Chef Nicolas Borteyru has put his heart into his latest creation which represents perfectly the concept of love, sharing, and French romanticism.

情人節甜蜜醉人禮遇/Celebrate Love In Exceptional Style @ The Market-Hotel ICON

這個情人節,榮獲評選為「2019年中國最浪漫酒店」的唯港薈將為愛侶們送上與別不同的一系列美酒佳餚,為愛侶們締造難忘的美好回憶。Love abounds at Hotel ICON this Valentine’s Day with sublime dining overlooking the glittering city lights. Voted The Most Romantic Hotel in China 2019, there’s nowhere more perfect to celebrate amour than this breathtakingly beautiful oasis in the centre of the city.

濃情愛意 浪漫慶祝 / Valentine’s Day Specials @ InterContinental Grand Stanford

Theo Mistral by Theo Randall呈獻意式情人節五道菜晚餐,讓顧客與摯愛慶祝浪漫時刻。備受歡迎的自家製海鮮芝士雲吞伴蕃茄橄欖醬及香草為必試之選,雲吞中釀入3款矜貴海鮮包括龍蝦、蟹肉及大蝦,伴以軟芝士、番茄及橄欖醬等。主菜可於香烤龍脷魚柳配炒薯及香烤美國牛柳扒配燒雜菜當中二選其一,精湛的廚藝加上新鮮的食材令人回味無窮。Theo Mistral by Theo Randall sets the romantic ambience with tantalizing five-course dinner menu. Nothing can beat the restaurant’s signature homemade raviolone pasta filled with lobster, crab and king prawn, featuring pasta filled with three succulent seafood with ricotta cheese in a well-made tomato sauce with olive tapenade. Pick from pan-roasted U.S. beef tenderloin served with roasted vegetables or pan-roasted dover sole served with sautéed potatoes as main that will surprise palate with its tenderness, freshness and delicate flavour. 

慢煮紅酒燴牛尾/ Slow-cooked Ox Tail Stew @ Ruby Tuesday

Ruby’s 為大家準備的八彩千絲食材包括:煙三文魚、紫椰菜、青瓜、紅椒、紅蘿蔔、瑞士芝士、脆炸玉米餅以及油醋醬,過年期間號召親朋好友一同「撈起撈起,撈得風生水起!」,事事由年頭好到年尾!
Ruby’s take on this traditional dish includes 8 freshly prepared ingredients – a Spring-salad with crispy strips of fried Flour Tortilla, Smoked Salmon, Red Cabbage, Cucumber, Red Pepper, Carrots, Swiss Cheese, and then drizzled with a classic Vinegarette to add just a little bit of zest. For added luck, you toss this salad up in the air – at your dinner table – together with your nearest and dearest, family and friends to bless the arrival of Chinese New Year!